Chiropractor or ACUPUNCTURIST


There is a common routine in every activity that we engage in. this is the step by step process that you can always expect when you are involved in an activity. In medicine, you will be required to register, visit a doctor, go for lab tests, back to the doctor for drug prescription and then to the pharmacy. In acupuncture, there is a common procedure as well. This is what you need to understand even before you can visit a practitioner. Knowledge is power. You will have an easy time especially if it’s your first time there after reading this article. The setting is not any unique. You only need to relax and expect the best treatment by friendly practitioners. After all, the procedure is intended for the relaxation of the clients.

Eligibility tests

The acupuncture therapy will have to start at a safe position. This is meant to keep the complications as low as possible. With all the effectiveness of this treatment, the benefits are not to be felt by all the individuals. The first step is therefore the sieve. The compatible ones will be separated from the incompatible. This means those who are deemed to be safe to undertake it are allowed to proceed to other stages while those seen to be risk potential are left behind. The general health and blood types are common tests done here. Any other body condition that may be associated with the blood will also have to be considered.


This is where the client is actively involved. They have to respond to some set questions by the practitioners. These can be based on their current body condition as they know it. The historical medical issues can also be overlooked. The main objective for all this questioning and answering is not to waste time of the appointment but to come up with a safe acupuncture treatment plan. Many are those who will qualify for the main therapy. A small percentage of clients are however not found eligible to continue and they are advised otherwise.

Main thing

This is the process where the client is laid in a bed and the needles are inserted. This is only at the areas of concern. They can be the areas feeling pain for example. Where the acupuncture is intended for relaxing purposes however, the needles can be spread evenly around the body. The practitioners can ask you to get rid of certain clothes to facilitate the treatment. The activity will take around 40 minutes to complete before one can be released for home. Others will however take longer.

Time after needles are inserted

The process of inserting needles will not be immediately followed by the healing sensation. The client has to sit back and relax so that the feeling will come after some time. They can stay as much as they want before going home.


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