Tips and Guide for Buying a Car with a Bad Credit Score

Buying a car is considered a luxury by some, especially as perceived by the older population. But, nowadays, it seems to be a necessity because everything is affected by time, traveling to places, by land, requires riding on your vehicle instead of commuting. On the other side of the coin, having a bad credit score is just a number for many. It is not something that should be bothering you for the rest of the day. However, when you remember that you need to buy something important that you need to resort to making a loan, such as opening a business, buying a house or a car, your bad credit score becomes a stressor for you. In this blog, there are helpful ways on How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit (Follow These 5 Easy Steps).

 1 Monitor your Credit Reports

Make it a habit to check your credit reports to set your mood. Before panicking because of bad credit score, take a look at the nature of the loan when you missed a payment. If it is just a small grocery item purchase where you made late payments, you can still, for sure, make a car loan. Just request major Credit Bureaus to send you free credit reports so that you can evaluate it yourself.

  2 Know your Credit Score 

 Aside from your credit report, your credit score serves as a basis for loan approvals. You are classified as poor, fair and higher, which makes you more confident in negotiating with lenders the terms of payment convenient to you. By knowing your credit score, you can have an idea on how to increase your score if it is low and be confident if it is fair.

 3 Increase your Credit Score

If your problem is having a bad score that hindering you from buying a car, then the solution is to boost it up. There are many ways of doing this. First, pay your existing loans aggressively. This will make your credit history looks good that would entail an increase in your credit rating. Second, if you have a relative who has good credit ratings, arrange with them and ask them to put you as an authorized user. Hence, this would make your score better. And lastly, when you another loan, avoid missed due payments. This will enhance your credit score and will make your credit report looks good.

4 Present an Approved Loan Application to a Car Dealer

Make sure to pre-approved your loan application before going to a car shop and be accommodated by sales agents and managers. This will give you a lot of advantages. By having an approved loan gives you an idea of how much budget you can only workaround. This includes the down payment,  interest rates, and other miscellaneous fees. This will prevent you from committing into loan terms pitched by sales agents and managers that may not be beneficial for you.

 5 Choose the Lower Loan Option

Having a bad credit score puts you in bad shape when making a car loan. But you can still buy a car depending on the loan you’re getting. A credit score can qualify you on a particular loan. Thus, it follows that if your credit score is low, you may be qualified to a lower loan. First, pay higher downpayment so it will lower your monthly payments, together with the interest rates. Avoid upgrades that you don’t need for it will increase the cost you are paying. Always be informed in anything regarding your loan so that you may be able to prepare the courses of your actions. Finally, always pay on time so that your credit rating may increase.


In buying your car, you don’t just need to be financially blessed, but you also need to be economically smart. Your bad credit rating may be your nitch, but it will also be your motivation to improve it and allow you to move on. Always choose the wiser options, never think you are depriving yourself when you always make the cheaper choices. It’s just the way to live a happier life. Just follow these ideas, and soon enough you can have your much-awaited brand new car.

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