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How Accounts Payable Automation Improves Your Customer Experience

Accounts payable automation is one of the best things to get for your company. Many people use accounts payable automation to save time, and others use automation to avoid errors and streamline their business. The tips below explain how automation can make your business a much more efficient place to work.

1 What Does AP Automation Do?

Accounts payable automation ensures that all monies collected by your company are logged in your ledger. Accounts payable automation will send invoices to your customers, and the system will create an online portal for people to make quick payments. The automation system will log all payments, list invoices, and save time for your staff. You do not need to go through all the payments that were made every day, but you can check the log at the end of the week to make sure everything is correct.

2 How Does Automation Help Businesses?

Businesses spend a lot of time every year trying to reconcile their books. It is too hard for your company to spend time pouring over every invoice that was printed on paper. Because of this, you should use automation to send information to the right place. You can program the system to send invoices to the right people, and you can set up invoice dates that fall 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days after the due date. The automation system can call your customers, send them texts, and send emails with the invoice attached. When the customers click on a link in their email to pay the bill, the system will take them to the online portal for their payment. You know precisely when the payment was made, and you can send a receipt back to the customer.

3 Where Does Automation Function Best?

Quickbooks electronic invoicing helps you send invoices, receive payments, and reconcile your books. You can do the same thing with NetSuite, or you can set up your niche accounting program to work with an automation suite. You can set up automation to produce invoices that read in a certain way. You may use automation to ensure that you get instant access to new information, and you can create reports using your automation program. You can check the system as payments come in, or you could use the system to track changes. It is much easier to find the rare error that occurs in the automation program.

4 Automation Reports

You can use the automation system to generate reports for your business. Reports can be used to determine how much you are spending, how much you are collecting, and how much you should earn next month based on this information. Automation reports are useful because you need to gauge what your next move will be with your business. Plus, these reports can be sent to everyone on your staff every week.

5 You Save Money

When you cut back on errors by using automation software. The automation software accepts payments, records those payments, and generates a log that is easy to check. You will reduce errors with an automation system, and you will save money. Plus, you do not need to ask your employees to spend several hours every day working on bookkeeping. You do not want to waste money, and you do not want to create a system that loses so much money every year; you cannot get it back. Between the reports and the online payment system, you can easily save money on your accounting. You can use the automation system at the beginning of the new year, and you can compare your losses from one year to another. You can track how much money you have saved, and you can use that money to invest in other parts of the business.


There are several ways for you to use AP automation to make your company better. You will instantly improve the way that your company handles customer payments, and you can use that very same system to make payments with other businesses. You can generate reports using this program, and you can apply the program to any accounting program you want. It is much easier for you to use automation than overspending on the losses that occur due to user error.

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