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Top 10 Signs of Unusual Intelligence

There are a lot of unusual, intelligent people who are out there, but they never make a fuss about their intelligence. They try to live their lives as freely as they can without drawing any unnecessary attention from others. These guys normally look and sound average until there is an opportunity for them to display whatever they have stored inside of them. Here are Top 10 Signs of Unusual Intelligence that you might want to cross-examine yourself with.

1 A night owl

According to a recent study that was carried out, people who prefer to do their work in the middle of the night have a higher average IQ compared to their counterparts who love to do their work in the day time. Having said that, staying up late is not a hack to fix your brain into a magical machine. These unusually smart guys are naturally wired to behave the way they do, so that is why they prefer night work, parties, etc. while all their friends are fast asleep, these set of people are often busy surfing the web, learning new stuff and finishing up a couple of projects.

2 They are normally silent


There are a couple of misconceptions and stereotypes associated with silence and silent people. For instance, they are seen as introverts, socially boring, unnecessarily secretive. Actually, silence can be a sign of intelligence and wisdom. As long as you are productive and feel comfortable with silence, then it is probably a healthy sign. However, sometimes, it can also mean that you need a therapist. If you live in Dallas, Texas, consider consulting a professional therapist from

Well, while not all quiet people have to be super-intelligent, highly intelligent people are often fond of keeping quiet whenever they are trying to evaluate a situation. They prefer to take adequate time to think about the situation before giving any response.

3 They Face Their Problems

Whenever unusually intelligent folks are confronted with a bunch of difficulties, they make sure those things never weigh them down. These smart folks understand what it means to prioritize their tasks, which means they hardly allow things spiral to the point of getting out of control. So, if you are the type of person that is not afraid of challenges and even maintains your cool in the face of the scariest situations, the chances are that you are brilliant.

4 They love the company of smart and creative people

The type of company you keep tells a lot about your personality. Those who are exceptionally smart will prefer to hang out with guys like them. If 80% of the people you have around you as friends are exceptionally intelligent, then there is a fairly good chance that you are equally into that class. There have been a few exceptions to this rule, however.

5 They strive for perfection

There might not be anything that points to the fact that you are intelligent judging by the way you dress or talk, but how you conduct yourself is always an excellent indicator. Intelligent people normally strive for perfection. Hence, anytime you see them doing a particular thing, they always do it better than they did it the last time. They apply that mentality of a perfectionist to every aspect of their lives from sporting activities to how they look and speak to how they do any other thing you can think of. They love to be perfect in everything they lay hands on.

6 They appear to be self-critical

A lot of people out there, unfortunately, lie to themselves about how good they are at a particular thing. That group of people hardly improve the way they ought to. However, the intelligent class loves to constantly criticize their work and accept criticism in what they do. They understand that this is the best way to improve in whatever anyone is doing. Though someone’s motive may not be to show off their smartness, their ability to always admit their inadequacies and remain open to ways to improve the situation can eventually give away their intelligence.

7 They love to be informed

Those who are intelligent love to be up to date with current trends as they develop from different parts of the world. Someone smart will be glad to keep up with the latest local and global news, as well as do what they can to learn everything related to the trending topics and whatever interests them. The consistent gathering of information, gaining knowledge of new things and developing relevant skills is an ongoing experience for smart folks. Finally, these guys are never idle; they always have something that keeps them busy.

8 They are always preoccupied with projects

Back to the topic of being idle, one way to know someone intelligent is that they are always occupied with one project or another. They might be investigating a DIY home repair technique, following up with a dancing lesson, trying out some new recipes in the kitchen or compiling a book on something they love. Smart folks love to occupy their schedules with activities that will improve their abilities. Therefore, productivity can be an excellent way of knowing the measure of one’s intelligence.

9 Asking the right questions

Whenever you are discussing with a smart person, they are never full of themselves, and you will notice that they are not fond of hijacking a conversation. Usually, they will let you do all the talking at the initial time, observe a few moments of silence as they think about whatever you were talking about. But here is the thing – when they ask a question, they are always spot on. If your friends have told you that you are a good listener, then you are probably a bit more than just a listener. You are intelligent!

10 You never see yourself as extremely intelligent

According to a certain Dunning-Kruger effect, people who have low-level competence are fond of overestimating their abilities, while those who are truly intelligent love to see themselves as not good enough. This is based on the fact that the more intelligent you become, the more you realize that there is much work to be done.

So, having gone through these ten signs of great intelligence, do you think you qualify as someone extremely intelligent? While the above points may not be the guide to a definite answer, it sure is a good indicator for pointing you in the right direction.

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