In businesses and services across the country, career professionals might, on occasion, consider going freelance. Certainly, working for oneself is a markedly different arrangement from being in a conventional employer-employee relationship. In addition, freelancing offers advantages that may not otherwise be possible.

However, what exactly are the implications of becoming a freelance solicitor, accountant or consultant in the service sector? If you are considering taking control of your career and wondering what this modern way of working involves, we invite you to read on. Below, as an experienced lawyer, solicitor or other professional, you will discover how you could benefit from some exciting new opportunities.

Reap the Potential Rewards

Clearly, freelancing means more independence at work than a typical employee. Often, the potential earnings are higher – especially as your client base grows. The extra effort usually enhances income while if extra hours are occasionally necessary to see projects through, it is possible to set your schedule and take time off later. Additionally, freelancers tend to acquire a broad portfolio of transferable skills as they hone their entrepreneurial flair. Managing client expectations, selling services and managing the invoicing are just some examples. Financially, freelance staff and self-employed consultants can offset legitimate business and traveling expenses against gross income, to reduce tax liabilities.

Enjoy the Flexibility

Usually, it is possible to choose where you work – and who your clients are. For many freelancers, the advantages of being your own boss also include being able to decide which cases you wish to accept. In addition, as individual effort generally leads to direct reward, self-employed professionals generally find that they benefit from a high degree of job satisfaction. Of course, confidence and people skills will help in a freelancing career, along with responsibility and willingness to take charge when situations demand. Attention to detail and an organized approach are as important as creative thinking and steely determination.

Taking Control of your Career: Working Freelance laptop freelance work flexibility | Business & Finance

Discover the Upsides

Even though self-employment does not necessarily guarantee the regular payslips, bonuses or paid holidays that employees receive, it has definite upsides: direct rewards, greater flexibility and the possibility of specialization or career development. Self-employed staff can at least remind themselves that purportedly permanent contracts with an employer are not necessarily secure; jobs for life disappeared decades ago.

If you are a senior lawyer, solicitor or attorney, have five years or more legal experience, are thirty-five years of age or older and are interested in the possibility of going freelance, we invite you to visit passionforlaw today. There, you can discover more about working with Excello Law, an innovative, renowned and respected leading UK legal services provider that focuses on client service.

With offices in four cities (London, Liverpool, Leeds, and Chester) and the ability to work from home, these attractive new professional openings mean freedom when you work as a consultant. However, unlike typical freelancers, you still enjoy the advantages of a traditional law firm, i.e. an expert support team with admin, secretarial, paralegal and IT resources.

Naturally, to enjoy success as a freelancer, it is necessary to learn how to manage the stress resulting from work pressure. Freelancers indeed enjoy more freedom compared to regular employees, yet you have probably experienced being surrounded by near deadlines that you need to meet. One way to handle freelance work pressure is time management; organize your day wisely. If the stress in your life is persistent, you may need to consult a reliable therapist. If you are overworked, stressed, and live in Austin, Texas, consider paying a therapist from BetterHelp a visit.

Along with a tailored induction process, freelance solicitors and lawyers receive the following:

  • A professional website profile, with content management access.
  • Branded stationery and business cards.
  • Telephone answering/message service.
  • Hot-desking and client meeting rooms.
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing.
  • Access to Thomson Reuters’ online Practical Law case and precedent database.
  • Case and financial management system with conflict checks, time recording, invoicing and key performance indicators.
  • PR support.
  • Cashier support and credit control.
  • Collaboration and networking via the bespoke intranet.
  • Account access to essential third-party suppliers e.g. Companies House, SearchFlow and land registry conveyancing, etc.

Taking Control of your Career: Working Freelance laptop lawyers | Business & Finance

Taking Control of your Career: Working Freelance lawyer attroney | Business & Finance

In summary, if you are an experienced legal professional who would relish a career challenge that capitalizes on your skills, offers self-development and promises direct rewards, these new freelance opportunities with Excello are of particular interest.