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Recording technology


Five decades of disk drive industry firsts The most significant milestones in the disk drive industry's history.

History of recording In honor of the 100th anniversary of the first patent for magnetic information recording, we have added this page.

Disk drives take eventful spin Some early disk drive history, courtesy of EE Times.

How much information -- 2003 Updated University of California study estimating how much new information is created each year.

Hard disk drives

Hard disk drives: How they work

Holographic storage

InPhase Technologies

Ion milling

Norsam Technologies

Magnetic recording: Semiconductor

Micromem Technologies

Optical cards 

LaserCard(Previously Drexler Technology)

Phase change recording

ECD Ovonics


ANSI/INCITS Technical subcommittees and standards


First regular radio broadcasts

Industry structure and trends

IDEMA Insight article by James N. Porter 

 Where do we go from here

Disk Drives' Evolution
Presentation by James N. Porter, DISK/TREND
Given at the 100th Anniversary Conference on Magnetic Recording and Information Storage, Santa Clara University, December, 1998.

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UCSD Information Storage Industry Center

UCSD actions on the rigid disk drive industry

Stock and mutual fund prices

Yahoo! financial services
Quotes and graphs of historical performance of selected securities. Not limited to storage companies only.

Product data

Nationally advertised prices from Price Watch web site

Nationally advertised prices from PriceScan web site