It seems that it’s impossible to surprise modern students with inexpensive gifts, but we know that the most precious gifts are those which are chosen and given with love. We offer you the best gift ideas for college students to suit any budget.

Small Gifts for Every Day

1 Lunch Box

The best economical solution for any student is food to go as having lunch at the café can significantly reduce the budget. The set includes two containers, a spoon, and a fork. Besides, you can apply the birthday boy’s name or picture to make the box lovely.

The Best Gifts for College Students Lunch Box | Gift Ideas

2 Thermal Mug

Students are too busy and more often even have no time to drink hot tea or coffee. How does it usually happen? A student makes a cup of tea, gets distracted by looking through responses to his request, “Who can write my essay for me cheap and fast?” and forgets about his tea. So, a thermal mug keeps drinks warm, which in return, keeps a student warm during cold lecture days.

The Best Gifts for College Students Thermal Mugs | Gift Ideas

3 Water Bottle

Sometimes students don’t have enough money even on bus fare, and it’s quite costly to spend money on water. The practical water bottle with a beautiful design will save a student from thirst during long student days.

The Best Gifts for College Students Water Bottle | Gift Ideas

Expensive Technical Gifts

4 Powerbank

It’s a battery defender from energy starving. A discharged phone is an ever-present issue of our technological society. This device will save your phone from “imminent sleep,” and a student will not suffer from extra stress. If you want to add some originality to your gift, you can make it nominal.

The Best Gifts for College Students Powerbank | Gift Ideas

5 E-book

One of the best gifts for college students is an e-book. To feast on knowledge better, you need some auxiliary means — textbooks and books. An e-book is a collection of all the necessary knowledge rolled into one. It will also reduce the weight of the student backpack.

The Best Gifts for College Students E book | Gift Ideas

6 Laptop

It’s a must-have for any student. You can choose either an expensive laptop or a cheap one, but it should be multifunctional to both type college papers and play some games to relax.

The Best Gifts for College Students Laptop | Gift Ideas

Gifts for Studying

7 Whiteboard

Such a board is a great help in learning, in preparing for the exams, in organizing the day, etc. Having this reminder in plain view will help you keep everything in mind and put down all your creative ideas and solutions. You can also give markers and interesting magnets to it.

The Best Gifts for College Students Whiteboard | Gift Ideas

8 Datebook by Moleskine

The stylish datebook can be regarded as one of the practical gifts for college students today. Writing down important things, schedule, list of literature is much more pleasant in a datebook from a famous Italian brand. It’s gratifying to note that the English writer Bruce Chatwin wrote in such a notebook. You manage to choose the most suitable diary by color and style.

The Best Gifts for College Students Datebook by Moleskine | Gift Ideas

9 Leather Pencil Case Artskill Pro

This leather case will help a student keep his belongings in order. It’s a perfect gift for a person who is fond of painting and needs to have everything for creative work at hand. It feels like a million things can fit in there!

The Best Gifts for College Students Leather Pencil Case Artskill Pro | Gift Ideas

The Best Gifts for College Students Leather Pencil Case Artskill Pro 2 | Gift Ideas

Gifts for Relax

10 Beanbag Chair

A fashionable and cozy pear-shaped beanbag chair is a suitable gift for a college student. It doesn’t take much space, that’s why it could be put anywhere, and you can enjoy your rest in a comfy pose.

The Best Gifts for College Students Beanbag Chair | Gift Ideas

11 Fitness Tracker

It will become a know-it-all friend who is ready to answer any question. It tells a student the weather forecast, shows you the names of student’s contacts and messages, and even help to pay at the store. You will be able to pay more attention to your health as it shows your heart rate and how many steps you take every day. It is not just a fitness tracker, but a real helper!

The Best Gifts for College Students Fitness Tracker | Gift Ideas

12 Coffee Maker Lattissima Touch

A coffee maker is a rare thing for a student and giving it you will do a great favor. It’s much more pleasant to do homework taking your time and drinking tasty and high-quality coffee than to hunt writing services providing college homework help when you are on the run and have time for nothing.

The Best Gifts for College Students Coffee Maker Lattissima Touch | Gift Ideas

13 Board Game

The board game gives an excellent opportunity to take your mind off college issues and relax with your friends. If a student is a fan of fantasy games, he has an incessant desire to touch his favorite characters and take part in battles between clans and empires. There is a wide range of board games to all tastes.

The Best Gifts for College Students Board Game | Gift Ideas