Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a challenge, especially when you are buying for an avid gamer and have next-to-no knowledge of the gaming industry or the latest must-have technology. When it comes to buying for a gaming enthusiast, many will choose to stay safe, purchasing the latest piece of technology that has only just been released. Others may, perhaps, think long and hard about buying a meaningful and personal gift.

For those struggling and unsure where to start, we have taken the hard work out of Christmas shopping and compiled a list of top Christmas gifts that promise to go down a treat. Keep reading below to discover our top Christmas gift ideas for the gamer in your life.

Where to start

When it comes to nailing the ultimate Christmas gift for the gamer in the family, it would be beneficial to begin by knowing what type of gamer you are buying for. By discovering whether s/he is a vintage gamer who enjoys playing nostalgic games or a virtual reality gamer, can all help to avoid unnecessarily purchasing gifts that will not be used or needed.

Different Types of Gamers

  • Old School Gamer- The old school gamer is someone who enjoys playing old, vintage games such as the 1980’s Playstation games and the first releases of Nintendo. Creating an original styled games room, this gamer will enjoy Pacman and old, nostalgic handhelds for maximum enjoyment.
  • Competitive- The competitive gamer is someone who takes gaming extremely seriously. Whether they are playing a multi-player game or wanting to earn money out of their favorite hobby, the competitive gamer makes sure to have all the latest technology, for s/he strives to be the best. When looking for a Christmas gift for the competitive gamer, it would be beneficial to buy a gift for this person that will aid and improve their gaming experience.
  • Combat Gamer- The combat gamer is those who enjoy playing games that involve soldiers, fighting the enemy, and shooting guns. From war-themed to violence in a dangerous city, the combat gamer enjoys trying their hand at the latest action game available. With a large selection of different games available, it is vital to discover the genre best suited for the giftee and purchase the most recent must-have game that meets their interests.
  • Sports Gamer- The sports gamer is active, enjoying the action and thrill when playing either alone or with a group of friends. With a large selection of games suitable, top gaming options are FIFA and NBA championship player games. If you want to give a gift this Christmas that can be genuinely appreciated, consider looking at the market and purchasing the latest game that meets their interests and hobbies.

Know what system they use

A key fact and essential point that should not be overlooked. When shopping for the gamer in your life, it is critical to discover what system the gamer uses. If purchasing a gift for an Xbox, it would be an annoying situation to find later, once the gift has been given, that the gamer uses only a Playstation. 

When purchasing your Christmas Gift, there are three main systems that a gamer is most likely to have. This would be an Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo gadget. Unless the gamer prefers using their Gaming PC, we recommend discovering which of the systems they use to help you choose a gift that they will treasure.

Age and gender

A more glaring fact, yet you may be surprised to discover that this crucial point often gets overlooked. When shopping for Christmas gifts, you must bear in mind the age and gender of the person that you are buying for. Although not always required, the majority of teenage boys will not appreciate playing the latest Just Dance on their Xbox. By having your giftee in mind, it can help guide you and make your choosing decision on the game or gift best suited to their interests. By keeping in mind the age, this can help avoid purchasing any games with strong language and violence featured within the game for younger children.

Our top gift ideas for Christmas

1 Bluetooth headset

A present that will suit every gamer is a set of Bluetooth headphones. The steel series Arctis 3 gaming headset is a perfect example of a cool and professional Bluetooth headset that can be purchased for the avid gamer. The best thing about a Bluetooth headset is the elimination of wires which can be a massive pain when trying to concentrate on a game. A Bluetooth headset can reduce those annoying times when the wires end up getting tangled around other objects, helping to make your gaming experience smooth and painless.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Gamers wireless christmas headphones | Gift Ideas

2 Nintendo Switch bundle

If the giftee is a fan of the Nintendo game world, or perhaps an old school gamer, consider purchasing a Nintendo Switch bundle. Bringing them up to date to the 21st century, this bundle features cool accessories, a top idea for those wanting to practice their skills and become a Nintendo champion. A fantastic way to give them as many amazing gifts as possible in one go, this gift idea will be sure to keep them entertained for a long time. With a variety of different bundles available, if not already, a Nintendo Switch Bundle will be sure to turn them into a true Nintendo fan, and a gift that they will enjoy showing off to their friends.

3 Controller charger

This amazing piece of technology will allow the gamers handheld controllers always to be charged and ready to go whenever they want to play a game. It comes in a sleek and professional design and will match any style room thanks to it being in a classy black colour. Just like the headset, this device will eliminate the need of having to use a controller with wires and allow you to move freely around the room. Helping to create better and more successful gameplay, without the restrictions of any wires.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Gamers christmas wireless charging device | Gift Ideas

4 Buy them a new game

An easy example of a gift to buy a gamer that is foolproof and promises positive results, and that is to buy them the latest, must-have game. Allowing them to update their gaming collection; by purchasing them the latest game, they can experience playing the latest must-have title. By purchasing them the latest game and making sure that it meets their interests, you show that some thought was put into the gift and that you know what the gamer would like. With so many different games out there to choose from, there is indeed something for all styles of gamers. From crime-fighting, spy games, to competitive racing, the options when purchasing a new game are endless.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Gamers ps4 christmas gaming ideas | Gift Ideas

5 Virtual reality headset

A slightly more extravagant and pricey gift, but a gift that promises to go down a treat. If struggling to generate exciting gift ideas, consider a VR headset, promising endless hours of entertainment. Suitable for any age, this device is ideal, no matter their interests and hobbies. A top tool for allowing people to experience and step into the virtual reality world, this device is family-friendly and will be loved and appreciated by all. With a large set of virtual reality games, there is something for everyone. From Minecraft, Blood and Truth to the 2016 release of The Climb, allowing gamers to experience the thrill of climbing a mountain.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Gamers virtual reality headphones christmas gift ideas | Gift Ideas


There you have it, our top Christmas gifts for those struggling to think of exciting gifts for the gamer in their life. Promising excitement and much shrieking this Christmas morning, give a gift that can improve and define their gaming experience for the year to come. From the latest must-have game to a virtual reality headset, make memories this Christmas and think outside the box with our top gift ideas. By keeping the recipient close to mind throughout the gift process, you can find a gift that suits their interests and needs but also promises to be a huge hit. Whether it is a Bluetooth headset or a mug, we hope that our suggested ideas have helped and have reduced any gift uncertainties that you may have been experiencing.

What do you think of our ideas? Perhaps there was something that we missed? If you too are in the process of buying a gaming gift for the gamer in your life, then we would love to hear from you and hear your comments on what makes the ultimate gaming gift.