Today, the continuous base surface has been replaced by a frame structure made of metal, wood, or its many analogs. Thanks to new technology, furniture has become much lighter and more practical without the slightest damage to quality and reliability. Which bed will contribute to family comfort and will create the necessary conditions for proper sleep? Five factors determine the level of comfort:

  • form – design, and functionality;
  • dimensions – length, width, and height;
  • construction – frame and materials;
  • bed base – determines its safety;
  • mattress – protects your health.

The bed is bought for a long time, so an essential criterion for its choice is the durability of the structure. The service life depends on the features of the frame, which can be of two types:

  • The pair of supporting backs are connected by two longitudinal legs.
  • Four columns form the perimeter, which is mounted on the legs. It can be supplemented with two or one hinged backs.

Let’s dwell on the bed design, in particular, the cal king bed frame.

What Is the Best Queen Size Bed Frame? bed | Lifestyle

1 The Types

The frame is an outer shell and an almost key part of a bed. It can be made of any material, whether it is wood or metal, painted in any color or upholstered with textiles. It is impossible to imagine a full bed without a frame. The beds are divided into separate frames (without a rack bottom) and full-fledged models with a base, back, and footboard, possibly drawers for storage. A separate bed frame has a significant pro: you can pick up any base for it – orthopedic with lamellas or classic flat, and focus not on the bed itself, but on its frame. It is possible to mount storage boxes in it or make it yourself, taking the frame peculiarities into account, choosing suitable materials or just saving on the purchase.

A finished bed with a frame and a base on can be made of solid wood, chipboard, metal or a mix thereof. Its upholstery can be soft, which will create comfort in the bedroom, and the body will be made of wood, which will also positively affect the atmosphere of the room. Ready-made models are often suitable for overweight people because they have a full metal base frame and quality lamellas. Solid and metal products are the most durable. A bed with such a frame is durable, although not cheap. When the budget is limited, it is worth looking at the models from the chipboard or MDF. You should choose beds from trusted manufacturers that use high-quality raw materials. Models made from low-quality materials will eventually start producing an unpleasant creak and become less stable. This is due to the fact that chips and cracks may appear at the junction of elements with special fittings. Particular attention is paid to this option if a double bed is selected for overweight people.

What Is the Best Queen Size Bed Frame? bed | Lifestyle

2 What The Bed Should Look Like

The design of the bed should be in harmony with the overall room interior. The color, style, shape of the model is selected for the available finishing materials and furniture. But if the bedroom is designed from scratch, then the choice depends entirely on the ideas of the owners of the room. For the classic style, products made from natural wood with milling elements, forged or leather models are suitable. A podium bed with bright decor elements, for example, mirror inserts, backlighting, will create a perfect sleeping space.

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3 A Few Words About Pros

Frame with slats is numerous narrow panels of a curved shape. Most often, they are made from pressed plywood. This material is quite strong and durable while it has a very reasonable cost. The distance between the slats provides mattress ventilation and creates a favorable microclimate. The curved shape of the panels is designed and selected in such a way as to provide the body with support in the anatomical zones experiencing significant load. It remains only to choose a model of a bed frame taking the peculiarities of the mattress structure into account. An essential point: if you opted for an orthopedic mattress, the purchase of a high-quality jonsguide bed frame is a prerequisite. Most bedding manufacturers provide for their products to operate on a well-ventilated basis. Only in this case, its structure will be preserved for many years and will provide the body with not only good support but also a pleasant microclimate. A combination of bed frame base and the orthopedic mattress is the one that can be provided for perfect relaxation.

What Is the Best Queen Size Bed Frame? plywood bed | Lifestyle