Cobblestone Decoration Ideas for Home Gardens 2022

Classic, romantic cobblestone, and setts are such a perfect decoration for your home garden or front door entry. Cobblestones are a building material of old or vintage-looking natural stones. Similar to the cobblestone are setts, also known as blocks or Belgian blocks, which is mostly a rectangular quarried stone.

Both were used in paving old walkways and roads. Today, they form a massive home decor trend. The used natural stones could be granite, sandstones, etc. and they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to select from according to your preferences. The following are stylish cobble and sett decoration ideas for your beautiful home gardens and front door entries.

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1 Grass-bordered stone flooring

When nature and vintage architecture meet, the result is always magical. Grass-bordered stone flooring or pathways convey a fantastical atmosphere that recalls an old, forgotten road or maybe castle that green has invaded then decided to hug their old blocks. To apply this fantastic decoration idea to your garden or front entry, you could employ Napoleon Reclaimed Setts as here: These reusable setts of granite and sandstone date from the 19th century.

2 Têtes de pavés

Also known as sett heads, this type of setts is easy to deal with because of its shallow thickness of 7 to 10 cms and even bottoms. However, the surface of the stones, being uneven and bearing the beautiful marks of time, looks vintage. These blocks are capable of bringing charm into any decoration project in your garden or home entry. Another pro of these stones is that they are blendable with a wide variety of decorations. So, if you are making a small update, and you want to keep the rest of the decor as it is, this is a suitable sett to employ.

3 Paving-stone patio floor

Patios are a significant part of home exteriors. So, you need to carefully design and decorate them. Paving-stone flooring is one stunning way to do so. With the help of thick natural cobblestones such as Fontainebleau Reclaimed Sandstone Cobbles, you can create such a rich, dimensional view in your patio. These old cobbles have irregular shapes and uneven surfaces that assist you in creating natural, breezy decor. Truly, can’t you feel air traveling in the spaces between the stones?

4 Stone steps

Edging stones and kerbstones in can be employed to create natural-looking steps. You can’t go wrong with such a view in your garden or home entry. If your garden is on two or more levels, then adding natural-stone steps is a perfect decoration to freshen the place with. Home front doorsteps are another stunning application for the trend.

5 Pond stone-edging

When exist, ponds or basins are a significant part, and may even be the focal point, in the garden. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the decoration of the pond area. One authentic trend to relay on is basin stone-edging. Natural, uneven stone edging would turn the view lively and add dimension to it. To execute the decoration, you need stones that are uneven from two sides.

Your garden is a vital aspect of your home exterior. Therefore, updating it with new decoration trends from time to time freshens your home; besides, it is a wise investment to make. So, consider adding natural-stone paving to your landscape and enjoy the results!

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