The advancement of technology in recent times has made it possible for effective communication to take place without any distance barrier. This is most obvious in the rate at which people engage in telephone therapy. This practice saves you the stress of bothering about how to visit the office of a therapist. Although technology has helped in making these professionals very effective, some issues should always be discussed during such a process. Trying to ignore any of these issues will mean that your problem may persist despite the use of phone technology. This post will be helping you to pinpoint some of those common topics to be discussed during phone therapy. Never ignore any of these during your next appointment with a therapist.

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1 Stating your fears

This is very important and shouldn’t be ignored during any telephone therapy. After all, it is a discussion that is meant to address your problems. You need to state your fears in an obvious manner to ensure your therapist understands. It is similar to explaining the major reason for such an appointment. Any discussion without your fears being highlighted and discussed isn’t complete. The result is that you may end up suffering the same problem over and over again.

7 Common Things to Be Discussed During Phone Therapy Stating your fears | Lifestyle

2 Your coping strategies

To solve your problem, therapists always ask how you have managed to cope with such challenges. For instance, if you are feeling depressed, they want to know what short term or temporary solutions you must have been using in the past. You will also be asked how such solutions have helped over time. This helps them to know the extent to which such a challenge is serious and how it can be properly addressed.

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3 Past experiences

Whether you want to admit it or not, there is a connection between your past and present. In other words, when your past life isn’t properly addressed, there is every chance that your present and future may be adversely affected to a great extent. It is therefore advised that you don’t hold anything back from your therapist while trying to explain your challenges. It is one of the ways through which solutions can be proffered wherever necessary.

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4 Your past consultations

This is another important point that needs to be discussed during telephone therapy. It becomes essential to indicate once you’ve had other phone consultations in the past without any success. To avoid getting the same results, don’t fail to inform your therapist about your likes and dislikes during such consultation. It helps the therapist to know where things might have gone haywire and how they can be fixed. It is only obvious that you are making another appointment because the previous one never yielded the expected results.

7 Common Things to Be Discussed During Phone Therapy phone | Lifestyle

5 Options you have considered

This is probably one of the favorite questions that therapists usually discuss during online consultations with clients. You will be asked about the various thoughts or options that you have considered while going through such a problem. At this point, you are expected to be open and honest in providing such answers. For instance, if you are depressed, they want to find out whether you have considered committing suicide or not in the past. It could be that you are also considering the option of taking another person’s life.

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6 Your expectations

When it comes to having a successful phone therapy, expectations will always vary amongst people. Your therapist will not always fail to ask what your expectations are. This is why you need to write down the changes to be expected during such a consultation. Don’t forget that you have to be very specific while trying to set such goals. For instance, you want to feel more confident in public. A professional therapist will ask how you can know when such a goal has been achieved during consultation.

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7 Your social life

Every professional therapist knows that the problem most people are facing today is due to poor social life. It could be problems related to depression, anxiety, low confidence, and others. Therefore, don’t expect your therapist to skip such a subject of discussion. The relationship you are having with your friends, and loved ones will be discussed extensively. This will help your therapist to know the cause of such a problem.

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