There are a few things in life that have a greater impact on appearance than hair. For men, it is one of the first few things that get noticed, whether in a professional or an informal setting. If you are one of the lucky ones who still has a good set of hair on their head, then it is crucial for you to properly take care of them and ensure that they remain healthy for as long as possible. However, even if you don’t have a lush set of hair and are balding, these tips can help you as well, since applying these can slow down your rate of hair loss as much as possible. If you want an article completely focused on hair loss, then you should have a look at men’s hair loss guide.

1 Regularly Shampoo Your Hair

This is pretty basic, however, a lot of men do not use shampoo often. While the alternative, not using your shampoo and keeping them dirty all the time might offer a more rigid look to your hair, it is really problematic for their health in the long run. It is important that you invest in quality shampoo, suited to the type of hair you possess and use it whenever needed. Also, if you are worried about hair loss, you should know that there are special hair loss shampoos out there. myhair solution, for example, offers a package of shampoo, topic solution, and vitamins for this specific purpose.

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2 Use a Conditioner

After you have used a shampoo, a conditioner can do wonders for the final appearance of your hair. A conditioner will make your hair look shiny and soft, and even make them feel lighter. You might be worried about finding a shampoo, and conditioner from different places. This problem can be easily removed by choosing options, which package a shampoo and a conditioner all in one product, so you do not have to wander from store to store or manually choose from a gazillion different options. Practical and clever!

6 Hair Care Tips for Men men hair | Lifestyle

3 Don’t Treat Your Hair Roughly

Men are often aggressive with their hair and treat them roughly till they are no longer there. It is important for you to preemptively treat them with care and gentleness. This goes for the way you shampoo and conditioner your hair, to the way you comb and style them. You need to be gentle and avoid large rough movements, instead try to handle them in a light and smooth manner so that they remain healthy.

6 Hair Care Tips for Men man hair | Lifestyle

4 Avoid Unnecessary Products

It is completely fine to use hair gel, wax, pomade every once in a while (you should avoid even that if you are currently losing hair). However, using that often or regularly can damage your hair follicles badly. Being aware of this fact is extremely important. It might even destroy their look and texture in the long run and make your hair appear unnatural. Even when you are using such products try keeping the strength and amount you put to a minimum, just to get the job done.

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5 Keep Them Cool

If you are the person who blows dry their hair as soon as you get out of the shower, you are not doing any favor to your hair. Heat can be detrimental to the health of your hair, and can even accelerate hair loss in some individuals. Only use heat to dry your hair if absolutely necessary, and even then keep the hairdryer setting to a minimum and keep it a safe distance away from your head. Moreover, even hot showers could damage your hair if they are consistent enough so reduce them, or perhaps wear a shower cap to protect your hair.

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6 Stop Wearing Hats Often

This is something that is not applicable to every one, since if you live in a sunny climate, then hats might be absolutely necessary. However, even then you could do with removing your hat or cap as soon as you enter an indoor area. Wearing hats, especially those which are hot or tight, can reduce the blood flow to your hair follicles quite considerably. This stress causes them damage. This leads to all sorts of negative symptoms, ranging from damage to hair texture to even permanent hair loss.

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These are some of the tactics you can adopt in order to take care of your hair and ensure that they are presentable and healthy for as long as possible.