Even though college semesters seem like they go slow, especially when the winter months drag on a little bit at the beginning, midterms are never far away. As midterm exams creep ever closer, you find yourself succumbing to stress, especially if you’re taking a lot of credits. You might not even recognize it as stress and instead say things like: I’m overwhelmed, have spring fever, or just can’t focus. But don’t panic; there are ways to overcome the high-stress levels by being prepared and investing a little time in self-care. These super simple tips will give you the skills to destress and basically crush your exams.

1 Periodically Review, Especially Your Hardest Courses

From time to time, it’s wise to go back and review your course material and make sure it stays fresh in your mind. Yes, you should always keep upcoming tests and projects at the front of your priorities; but taking a little time to go back over the previous week’s material is helpful as well. Think about which of your courses have the hardest or most obscure but important material to remember, and focus on those as much as possible.

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How to Reduce Stress During Midterms library laptop studying | Lifestyle

2 Study in Relaxing Environments

Studying where you’re most comfortable also helps with reviewing and problem-solving. Your dorm or apartment room may be peaceful and quiet, but maybe you also have a loud roommate, or maybe you get tempted by snacks in your refrigerator or have trouble staying awake. Studying in a library may give you a more studious environment and not feel like you’re trapped in your room with studies. A coffee shop maybe even better, although you may want to use headphones and voice audio for your reading if people’s conversations or the cafe’s music is distracting.

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3 Get In a Study Group

Study groups with your classmates can be quite helpful as people quiz each other and bring up things learned that didn’t come to mind right away. And since everyone in the group is all focused on the same thing in the conversation, it’s unlikely any distractions are going to get in the way of the study. Plus, you may not feel like you have to spend hours upon hours learning the material since more people going over it may make go quicker in covering it.

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4 Get Good Night’s Rest Every Night

Yes, sometimes things can get busy, and you feel the pressure to work on projects or study for tests late into the night. But the less sleep you get, the more stress you will put on your brain, and the less you’ll be able to recall things. On the other hand, the more sleep you dedicate to getting, the more you may recall things in the morning, and the more energized you’ll probably feel for tackling those big tests and projects. If you’re looking for ways to help you sleep at night, you may want to look at things like meditation or melatonin. Not into sleep aids? A daily supplement like CBD oil capsules is an easy way to boost your wellbeing and have a positive effect on your health overall.

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5 Most Importantly, Take Breaks

If you’ve been studying for a while but you seem overwhelmed or feel mentally blocked in solving a problem, it’s good to just stop sometimes and do something else. You may feel better if you go workout in the gym for a little while, go for a walk or run outside, go get a drink of water, or go run another errand that you’ve put off. A little break here and there can help you become productive again.

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The best way to take on those dreaded midterms is never to let the amount of them or the classes they’re for get to you. You definitely do need to dedicate studying time to them, but never forget your own health and wellbeing while you do so.