7 Interior Color Influences on Your Mental Health

Do you know that colors affect your mental health? We are affected by the room color in our home decor. Paints that naturally contain pigments influences our mood. It is often said that this is due to the varying wavelengths of different colors of the spectrum. So with this knowledge, you should ensure that the spaces or rooms in your home, is painted with the right color to ensure complete functionality. Whether you intend doing a total redecoration of your home or you are looking to make a few changes in your house. Selecting the right color system could be tasking, particularly in situations that you want several rooms to provoke several moods. For example, when you are in your bedroom, you should feel relaxed and calm, while whenever you are dining, you should be more friendly and lively. The following gives a breakdown of how the various interior colors influence mental health.

1 Blue

Typically, blue comes as a pretty calming color, which provokes the feeling of being centered, calm, and serene. It has been known to reduce the blood pressure, make the mind clear as well as steady the process of breathing. Blue rooms typically are charming to rest and lounge in.

2 White

People tend to be afraid of white color. Apart from this, white is the best way to create a feeling of space around your home. White interior designs typically give a happy ambiance, which makes you feel clean. White rooms seem automatically pure and clean.

3 Green

Green is a good color for the home office because it stands for prosperity, as well as the fact that it helps in the reduction of anxiety. It is among the most effective restful colors for the eyes. Furthermore, the green color encourages composure, clears the mind, and restores human mental health. It is suitable for offices due to the level of influence it had on human stress and calming the nerves. Furthermore, green gives off an outdoor vibe. Especially with flowers, green color, when used indoors, also make you feel as though you are outdoors, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

4 Orange

Orange is typically a pretty exciting color that brings bursts of enthusiasm and energy. It is good for exercising. However, it is not a good choice for bedrooms or living rooms where we tend to relax. You wouldn’t want it to be in your bedroom all the time, and instead of feeling sleepy and ready to relax, you are feeling energetic and enthusiastic. This is one of the reasons the color is not suitable for bedrooms. Furthermore, the orange color is used to stimulate the appetite. Therefore if you look forward to eating healthily and being conscious of your calorie intake, orange is not a good color to paint your kitchen with.

5 Purple

Purple is a dramatic, rich color that gives off the feeling of luxury and royalty. Deep Purple colors appear very romantic, enigmatic as well as give the vibe of luxury. They are also good at sparking off creativity. While deep purple is not suitable for the bedroom, where the mind ought to relax. Lighter shades of purple like lavender and lilac are proper options because they promote calmness and light, as well.

6 Red

While red is usually linked to roses and romance, it can also be linked to rage and hostility. The red color is known to increase the pressure of the blood, its heartbeat, and its irritability. It is the perfect color that induces friendliness and feelings of socializing. The red colors are usually suggested for common rooms against rooms which are used for relaxing.

7 Pink

With punk four, there is a phenomenon known as the Pink Effect. This is the process that occurs when someone has been exposed to large quantities of pink color. It creates a relaxing effect on your nerves, and it helps in relieving angry feelings, neglect, and aggression. Pink creates an opposite feeling to its primary color, which is red. This is since the longer you become exposed to the color, the calmer you tend to be. Lighter shades of pink are a good option for children’s rooms, and they promote feelings such as kindness, love, and playfulness.

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