There have been lots of debates in recent times about the subject of intimacy vs. isolation. These are in a view to help people have a much better understanding of them. However, most people can’t seem to get a grasp of both concepts. In case you are amongst these people, there is no doubting the fact that you have come to the right place. This is because the major aim of this post will be to compare intimacy versus isolation.

What You Need to Know About Intimacy Versus Isolation isolation | Lifestyle

1 The concept of intimacy

When talking about intimacy vs isolation, each concept must be looked at separately. Intimacy is simply all about emotional connectedness and closeness. It is the relationship that someone shares with his or her loved ones. It is usually characterized by sharing, openness, and mutual vulnerability. Most people believe that intimacy is all about having sexual relationships with others. This isn’t true in any way as it denotes closeness to someone.

What You Need to Know About Intimacy Versus Isolation intimacy | Lifestyle

2 Stages of intimacy

It is important to look at the various stages of the former to get a clearer picture when comparing intimacy versus isolation. According to experts, intimacy has five stages. These are further explained below.

  • Safe communication

Communication at this point is at its lowest level. Information and facts are exchanged at this stage amongst people. Those involved don’t feel any kind of vulnerability or personal rejection. At this stage, you can interact with someone you aren’t familiar with. It is always an open discussion.

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  • Beliefs and opinions of others

At this point, we share our thoughts with others without being direct. It is a stage where you will make statements that refer to the opinions of people around you. It is majorly to find out how others feel concerning such opinions. For instance, you can say something like, “a favorite author of mine said…”.

What You Need to Know About Intimacy Versus Isolation share our thoughts with others | Lifestyle

  • Personal beliefs

This stage entails talking amid others by sharing your thoughts on issues. You have gone beyond the stage of sharing other people’s opinions. Rather, you are expressing your views. It is a stage where you will switch your opinions by focusing on what you think about the subject matter under discussion.

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  • Sharing experiences and feelings

At this stage, you will start sharing your experiences, failures, pains, and disappointments. You have developed confidence in the person you are discussing with. In other words, you are very open about your problems, vision, and dreams about life.

What You Need to Know About Intimacy Versus Isolation talk with friends | Lifestyle

  •  Expressing desires and emotions

This is the highest and requires a high level of trust by parties. They don’t believe that there is any chance of rejection in this stage. This is where parties reveal themselves. They can express their desires and emotions without any fear of being scolded or criticized.

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3 The concept of Isolation

It is important to look at the latter to ensure you understand the comparison of intimacy vs. isolation. Isolation is living separately from other people. In other words, it is the act of living separately. According to experts, isolation is the opposite of intimacy. It has been discovered to have some implications. An individual who doesn’t socialize with others is guilty of isolation. In this case, he is prone to suffering from loneliness, depression, panic attacks, paranoia, anxiety, and anxiety. Furthermore, isolation can lead to health complications like decreased sleep, increased inflammation, and sympathetic nervous system activity (increased). These can bring about an acceleration of the brain as well as cardiovascular aging. Isolation can be seen from 2 perspectives. The first is the isolation caused by a person. This implies the person deciding to isolate himself from others. The second is isolation, which has been inflicted on someone due to one problem or another. This is always common with people suffering from mental illness. Please note that the feeling of loneliness is what brings about isolation. It is a feeling that everyone experiences from time to time.

What You Need to Know About Intimacy Versus Isolation depression | Lifestyle

Final thoughts

Based on the above, it is evident that the subject of intimacy versus isolation isn’t as complicated as you must have been considering it to be. Both concepts tend to work in opposite directions.