It has been discovered that most people don’t know how to get the best from phone counseling. This makes them visit various therapists in search of solutions to their problems. The truth is that there are some secrets to ensuring success for every over the phone therapy. Trying to ignore them can only mean that you will struggle to overcome your challenges. Are you planning to go through an over the phone therapy? Do you know that success isn’t guaranteed in this form of consultation? The major aim of this post will be to reveal 10 tips you can apply during phone counseling. These will help to ensure that your expectations become a reality after such a process.

1 Having an open mind

This is one of the problems that therapists have to handle during phone consultations. They usually discover that clients who have had appointments with other therapists can’t seem to be open enough to their ideas. There is always interference. If you want a phone consultation to be successful, it is very important that you don’t focus on what other therapists must have suggested in the past. An action like this will only make you end up getting more confused. Have an open mind towards what your therapist is suggesting to ensure your expectations are eventually met.

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2 Listing out your goals

Before deciding to go for any over the phone therapy, you must list out your goals. This is very important and shouldn’t be taken for granted. The changes to be experienced could be how to overcome fear, depression, anxiety, or become more confident amongst your peers. End goals usually vary amongst individuals. Trying to make such an appointment without considering listing the changes you are expecting to take place eventually is a waste of time.

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3 Being attentive

Developing the habit of listening attentively will save you lots of time. Therapists are careful listeners and can ask questions based on your explanations. This is why you want to always read in-between the lines before answering questions. The best way to listen carefully to the questions from your chosen therapist is to ensure that such a professional doesn’t get interrupted during the discussion. By being attentive, you will be able to provide the right answers to questions that will bring about the solutions to your challenges.

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4 Be concise and specific

Most people are always guilty of this problem. They can narrate events without being concise. You want to answer questions in the most direct manner. Don’t forget that your therapist isn’t a robot, and as such, s/he may have a problem understanding your explanations. Avoid the temptation of beating about the bush whenever you are asked some questions. This will help your therapist focus on the major problems that need urgent attention during such phone counselling. This is one of the most effective ways of communicating, and there is no doubt your chosen therapist will appreciate it.

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5 Being coordinated

If you aren’t organized, it will be difficult to achieve the expected goals of such over the phone therapy. For instance, phone consultations are known to be very short as compared to face-to-face consultations. Therefore, you must suspend every other activity before the agreed time in order to focus on how your issue can be addressed. In other words, try to ensure your mind is fully focused on the consultation. This will enable you to answer the questions appropriately. In a nutshell, every possible distraction should be minimized. These could be telephone calls, emails, pets, doorbells, and others.

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6 Adequate planning

It is not only your therapist that has to plan how such consultation will go. You also need to plan adequately. This helps you to know how to answer every question thoroughly. For instance, you can list out the problems being faced, their effects and your expectations. It means you won’t be taken unawares by your therapist during such over the phone therapy.

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7 Choosing the right time

It is essential that you reach an agreement with your therapist about the time such consultation is meant to happen. For instance, it could be that you are always busy during morning periods. In a case like this, it doesn’t make sense trying to agree that such over the phone therapy should take place during that period because you will find it hard focusing on details of such discussion.

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8 Being honest

The major goal of every phone counselling is that you become a better person. In other words, your therapist will be looking for ways to improve your life through the answers you must have provided. This is why you have to be as honest as possible while providing such answers. Never allow shyness to get the better of you as your life is at risk. Ensure that your answers to every question are very accurate. Never give a wrong impression about any aspect of your life. Such action will only bring about a delay in finding solutions to your problems.

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9 Being polite

Most people believe that therapists are the only ones to be polite during phone counselling. This is very wrong as both parties are expected to be polite to each other. Don’t ever speak rudely to your therapist. You want to create an atmosphere that makes such a professional optimistic when it comes to finding the right ways of addressing your problems. When you are polite, such can lead to a positive and healthy relationship being developed between you and your therapist.

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10 Avoid making any assumption

This is one of the mistakes most people make during phone consultations. They usually assume that their therapists already understand some details about them. This behavior will only make things difficult for your therapist. Avoid assuming things and explain whatever that is necessary for such a problem to be addressed. Explain all the needed details and let your therapist decide.

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