Top 10 Interior Design Hidden Trends No One Has Told You

With the ever rapidly changing landscape of the interior design industry, trends come and go. It is an industry that is spontaneously influenced by architects and artists alike, so the options for decorating your home can be limitless. However, here are what you want to know about top interior design trends.

1 Get pieces of off-cuts and frame them for a quirky appearance

A most affordable manner to create a touch of an artwork with an oversized feel is to frame remarkable wallpaper or a beautiful piece of clothing or fabric. It makes you save on more artwork. You could look for off-cuts of these pieces online or mix up several samples to create the effect of a patchwork.

2 Create an ambiance by using a dimmers switch

With dimmer switches, you can use one bulb as mood-enhancing lighting or for general lighting purposes. If you install them in every room. They are bound to improve the versatility of the lighting in your home. When making use of LED lighting. Ensure that you pick dimmer switches that are compatible with LED bulbs so that the bulbs tend to glow brightly without flickering sufficiently.

3 Layering of soft textures

The texture is a major factor in creating a successful design scheme. Most especially when making use of a color palette that is neutral. To bring out the interesting effects of a room, try incorporating several tactile materials in the entire parts of this space, from soft woolen pillows to nice silky cushions, coarse brick walls to shiny mirrored finishes.

4 Achieve an apt design with your rug

Rugs are used ultimately to link all the schemes of the interior design of a room together. If you go for a small size rug, it will not be visible, and your scheme would fail. Typically, the rug should be sufficiently large to accommodate most of the furniture in the room. Ideally, whenever the rug is used, most chairs/furniture in the parameter should be able to touch the rug at some point.

5 Use an oversized piece of wall art for added effects

In terms of art, the bigger is the artwork, the better your decorations are. Even if you try faking it by clustering small sizes of pictures into your gallery wall, but it can’t be compared to the oversized artwork which grabs anyone’s attention as soon as they step right into the room.

6 Apply the 70-30 ratio

The 70-30 ratio is another important top trend that most people are unaware of. It is a trick used to get the right proportions as well as balancing several interior styles all in one similar space or room. A sure way to add some character to your room is to decorate roughly almost 70% of the room into a particular pattern then finish it off by decorating the other 30% in an entirely different style.

7 Orchestrate your indoor lighting

Lighting is typically the unknown trend that most people are aware of in the designing scheme for indoor design. This involves the careful planning of every single unit of the light in the house. You could have a mixture of overhead lighting, mood lighting, task lighting, as well as accent lighting to suit your mood or activities around the home.

8 Having your decorations in triplicates

When it comes to trendy design and a hidden secret, three is the magic number to use in design, as well as putting items together in odd numbers. Whether it is your cushions, pictures, vases, or any handy decorative elements, make the eye move curiously around the items, invoking a level of interest that even-numbered, symmetrical arrangements are unable to compete with.

9 Make your seating arrangements sociable

If your living room is large enough, then bringing in sofas as well as armchairs into it from your walls will produce a stylish and cozy sitting zone inside the room. This idea works typically in spaces with an open-plan. If you have a rather small room, you should keep your sofas against the walls and set several armchairs within an easy chatting distance.

10 Create a usually appealing effect with your flooring

Move over-designed walls – it’s majorly about the building floor room. Bold and impressive design on the ground can stand out and make an impressive statement when trying to execute an outstanding color scheme. From linoleum to tiles, patterned or bright flooring can offer an impressive focal point for a high-design, most particularly in dark monotone spaces like kitchens, hallways, studies, and sometimes the living room.

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