Four Ways to Redecorate Your Space for a Spring Makeover

Spring cleaning for your house is really spring cleaning for your mind. Are you in refresh mode? You don’t actually need the help of television decorators and fixers to create an amazing space to live in. What’s more, you don’t even need a television budget. Just take a look at the four essential things you need to do to update your home this spring.

1 Use Plants to Bring Spring Inside

Some live greenery can renew the inside of a home like nothing else. Let’s call it a spring infusion. Consider creating a very informal “sunroom” area inside your home if you have a spot with a large window. This can be done with a wire shelf that can be stocked with potted beauties of different sizes and colors. Here’s what’s popular right now:

  • Miniature potted succulents.
  • Hanging string-of-pearls plants.
  • Oversized orchids.
  • Fluffy ferns.

The nice thing about all of these options is that they’re relatively easy to care for. That means you can skip town for a weekend without worrying that these plants will wither while you’re away. Of course, you’ll still need to nurture them with the appropriate amounts of sunlight, food, and water to ensure they last.

2 Source Stylish Pieces from the Right Places

You don’t have to run all over to shop from furniture stores or boutiques to get some really beautiful pieces for your home. In fact, you might be able to scoop up some amazing décor the next time you pop into the store for some shampoo or toilet paper. Stores like Target are really having a moment right now when it comes to home décor.

It’s worth retaking a look if it’s been a few years since you shopped at Target for home décor. Things have changed! In fact, people are going a bit crazy for the Target-exclusive Magnolia collection from Chip and Joanna Gaines. You can also shop from Opal House and Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. If you’re planning to fill your cart this spring, the money-saving experts at recommend that you combine multiple coupons on top of your store loyalty cards as one of the best ways to save money at Target in spring home decor.

3 Create a Clean Slate

Spring is all about fresh starts. The “blank canvas” approach really is smart if you’re planning to revamp the look inside your home with some new décor. This means moving everything out! Here’s the perfect life cycle of a cleaning session:

  • Remove all furniture, décor, and wall art.
  • Vacuum and dust everything.
  • Sketch out a plan for arranging the furniture differently.
  • Put aside items that you don’t want to reintroduce back into the room.
  • Bring out new home décor items you’ve just purchased.
  • Put it all back.

Give yourself a week to live without the old items that didn’t make the cut before you donate or sell them. Knowing that you have the freedom to change your mind will reduce some of the anxiety of changing things up! Don’t forget that you might want to use this opportunity to paint some new color on the walls while all of your furniture is cleared out of the room.

4 Take a Look at Your Linens

Nothing is better than a cozy blanket during the winter. However, the same blanket that feels like a warm hug around you during the cold months can feel stale and suffocating in the spring. Be a person who swaps out blankets from season to season. Lighter, thinner fabrics in cheerful shades are perfect for spring. Cotton, quilted cotton, and light down are all great for the spring. It could be worth your while to apply for the REDcard if you’re doing a full overhaul for bedding and blankets. The savvy shoppers at say, “When you sign up for a REDcard debit or credit card, you receive 5% off every in-store and online purchase. You also receive perks like free two-day shipping, 5% off Target subscription services, and an extra 30 days for returns.”

Spring Is Calling

A spring update is the best way to get in the spring mindset. Simply rearranging your layout and swapping some older items for new décor can make it feel like you’ve moved to a new place. Just make sure you’re using these four simple tips for redecorating your home for spring to get it done the easy way!

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