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Top 10 Most Beautiful Parrot species Worldwide

favorite pets for a long time. they are colorful and beautiful. they are also playful and smart. they have the intelligence of a five years human child parrots can survive man because its ability of imitation of human speech. parrots are loved by kids who prefer to play the game of mimicry with it. the ...

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Top 13 Pretty Birds In The World

The beautiful birds give their owners many benefits as adding to your home the happiness, having a long life span, comparing to the other pets. Owning birds are considered a good thing for your mental health, as it encourages social interaction. The talking birds encourage empathy in children, as they understand what they ...

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Top 13 Singing Birds

Bird songs aren’t just beautiful to listen to, but it is used in wonderful ways. Listening to birds singing is considered a great way to relax and be away of all your worries, as it has a calming effect to any person who listens to it, and because over thousands ...

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Top 10 Expensive Birds With an intriguing Amalgam of Colors

Birds are the living proof that the world still has beauty in it. Whenever I see birds singing or flying, demonstrating themselves as flying color palettes, showing contrast with the blue sky and white clouds, I think I have got nothing to do, but to thank God for creating them ...

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Want To Know More About Parrots? Read This!

Birds are considered the fourth American favorite pets. There are 14 million types of birds in the USA. Most of these birds are parrots. Parrots are colorful birds. They are considered friends of human beings. They have the intelligence of a human 5 year old. All parrots have some things ...

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