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Bizarre Animals

Top 12 Examples Of Living Fossils

fossils are plants and animals that are considered extinct species. they are only known through fossil evidence, but they are discovered to be alive lately. dinosaurs are considered extinct animals. they lived on earth 65 million years ago, before human beings lived on it. all plants and animals were created at the same time. in fact, most ...

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20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know

There are a lot of rare animals in the world that haven’t been discovered yet, so some individuals do mate for some species and produce hybrids that are considered animals that shared the same genetic traits of the both parents of two different species, but being stronger than the original ...

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Top 10 Biggest Rats Species in The World

The word rat is enough to evoke fright and terror. Since time immemorial, rats are unwanted guests that creep in the shadows as they spread disease and feast on trash. And, if your dread of the small rats is not enough, what could be your reaction when you meet the ...

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Types of Seals Animals That Eat Penguins

Both seals and penguins are adorable animals to watch. But, in a study conducted in the past few years, there are actually seals that eat penguins. The types of seals that are said to be threats for penguins are sea lions, fur seals, and leopard seals. Leopard Seals   Leopard ...

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