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Top 6 Dogs Charities in United States

There are many charities all over the United States that are specifically catered to dogs to address their needs and issues. If you plan to start any charity activity any time soon, here are the top 6 dogs charities in the US . Friends of Animals Founded in 1957, Friends ...

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Most Popular US Pet Grooming Schools

Surely, you’ll want your fur babies to be properly groomed at all times. However, you cannot just entrust their care and grooming to just about anyone. While some of them may claim that they have the certification need to handle the job, you simply can’t be too trusting. The next ...

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Nanny Dog Breeds

Majority of big, yet gentle breed or mixed dog breed can be considered as nanny dogs if they possess the right mixture of strength, intelligence, and affection. Commonly, breeds associated with nanny dogs come from AKC working dog, herding dog, and gun dog groups. One of the characteristics about nanny ...

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Most Famous Dogs Walking On Two Legs Like A Person

The ability to walk is one of the numerous things that set human beings apart from the animal kingdom, yet in terms of evolution, some dogs are not as far behind humans as most of you have thought. Below are some of the popular dogs walking on their two legs ...

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Top 8 Easy Tips To Potty Train Your Puppy

Puppy potty training can be hard. It should be done at the right place and time for you to experience peace of mind. House soiling is one of the reasons why dogs end up in shelters or lose their homes. Several people are willing to put up with dogs who ...

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How To Stop A Dog Peeing On Bed While Sleeping

There are many reasons why dogs pee on bed. Any dog owner will understand this natural behavior of the dogs, but there’s a way to stop it and that is through potty training while they are still puppies. 1-Puppies don’t have the ability to hold defecation and urination for a ...

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What You Don’t Know about Allergies to Dogs May Shock You

Back in the days, when you have allergies, the only solution is to get rid of your dog or not get one in the first place. Thankfully, things have changed these days as doctors found a way to help minimize your symptoms of allergies to dogs. What Causes Allergies to ...

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