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7 Cat Methods For Waking Up Their Owners

When you welcome a kitty-cat into your life, you should know that your life will be graced with cuddles and small bitings. You will feel like you are a parent and you have a little baby that needs your care and patronage. Hence, you should grasp the ways to which ...

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Top 10 Expensive Pets that will Make your Jaw Drops

Having a pet is a burden, or more like an amazing burden that teaches you how to be responsible for a creature’s life. Pets’ lives and animals’ lives, in general, are worth a lot. Ranging from insects and mice to giraffes and lions, the circles of pets is expanding and ...

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Top 19 intelligent animals in the world

Humans have the ability to learn, reason and solve problems, being self-aware, having the ability to make tools and practice the art of deception. We are creative creatures, having language and having the ability to express it. All these features are considered signs of intelligence, but we are sharing our ...

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