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Tips How to Feed a Dog with Upset Stomach

There is nothing more heart aching than seeing your dog suffers from his sensitive stomach. Sensitive tummies render dogs coach potatoes, which is far from their own playful nature. Apparently, many dogs display symptoms of a sensitive, upset tummy, such as flatulence, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, which, in turn, can ...

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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Engaged

Who could see a puppy sad face or bored face? It is unbearable! It takes a few minutes, for a dog, to feel bored; however, it takes a few minutes to relieve dog boredom. Dogs are not lazy and they never tend to sleep on your doormats all the time. ...

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Top 10 Expensive Pets that will Make your Jaw Drops

Having a pet is a burden, or more like an amazing burden that teaches you how to be responsible for a creature’s life. Pets’ lives and animals’ lives, in general, are worth a lot. Ranging from insects and mice to giraffes and lions, the circles of pets is expanding and ...

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Top Reasons Why Dogs Wake Up their Owners

Having a dog means that you have a loyal friend, a family member, and a to-die-for pet. Who has cried over Marley in Marley and Me? You know cats are great, but there is nothing more breathtaking than puppies wagging their tails when they see, or when they run barking ...

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Top 19 intelligent animals in the world

Humans have the ability to learn, reason and solve problems, being self-aware, having the ability to make tools and practice the art of deception. We are creative creatures, having language and having the ability to express it. All these features are considered signs of intelligence, but we are sharing our ...

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