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Attention: Hyper Dog Breeds

One of the things we love about dogs is its hyperactive nature, but some breeds are more hyperactive than the others. That is a proven fact in pure breeds. For example, an English Bulldog is less hyper than a lab. You should keep in mind that most of these breeds ...

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You Can Thank Us Later – 10 dog Breeds To Stop Thinking About Best Police Dog

No one can deny that dogs are the most loyal animals to human beings. Dogs are considered pet animals to the average person, but according to the police force, there are police dogs that are trained from birth to play their part in the police force. There are many things ...

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Most Popular Pointer Dogs Breeds

Pointing dog breeds are a kind of gundog normally used in finding games. Traditionally, gundogs are divided into 3 classes and these include flushing dogs, retrievers, and pointing breeds. The term pointer comes from the instinct to point of the dog, through aiming and stopping its muzzle towards game. This ...

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