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Top 15 Smallest Dog Breeds

Small dogs have different types, so there is a special type for every lover of these small dogs. All these small dogs aren’t lapdogs, but many of them are considered tough dogs, being low-energy dogs, so they are considered suitable breeds to live in an apartment. Although these small dogs ...

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Attention: Hyper Dog Breeds

One of the things we love about dogs is its hyperactive nature, but some breeds are more hyperactive than the others. That is a proven fact in pure breeds. For example, an English Bulldog is less hyper than a lab. You should keep in mind that most of these breeds ...

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Cutest Pink Puppies Breeds

Some big things come in small packages. While Labrador Retriever was ranked as the most famous dog, not all have the space or energy to care for bigger breeds. Fortunately, there are cute puppies breeds and these include the following: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Not only this puppy is adorable, ...

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