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13 Clear Signs Prove That Your Cat Loves You!

Cats are very sensitive and emotional pets which always express their feelings of love to their owners. They do not express love verbally, but make actions include hidden love. So how to know and make sure that your cat actually loves you?! We know that your cat means a lot to you, so we will do our best to show you how to notice the clear signs by which a cat’s love is manifested. In this article, you will find the answer to your question “Does my cat really love me?!”

There are several signs; you may find that your cat make some or all of them.

  1. Following you everywhere
    If your cat used to follow you around, go with you everywhere even your room or while taking your bath and sit always beside you; then he/she are showing you love.
  2. Greeting you at the door 
    If your cat always awaits your arrival at the door and greet you when you come up, this means that your pet frequently misses you.
  3. Meows
    Meows are cats’ language; the way they talk to you, and with it they tell you many things including their love.
  4. Looking at you 
    When you notice that your cat stares at you and easily makes a direct a eye contact, this this is a strong manifestation of love.
  5. Your cat’s tail
    Cats communicate and tell a lot through their tail; for example, if your cat raised its tail straight proudly, this indicates a happy feeling, low tail is a sign of insecurity while the puffy tail means aggression or fear.

  6. Sitting on you 
    They usually sit on legs, but sometimes they also like sitting on your head, back or arms to attract you and say “hello, I am here and love you”.
  7. Paying a visit while you are asleep 
    Cats may choose this time exactly to show how they love you; they start with sitting on your face, hair, shoulders or chest. If your cat makes this, be sure that your pet loves you a lot.
  8. Getting jealous 
    If you gives more attention to exact thing, you will find your cat get jealous of it. It may get jealous of your computer, phone or any thing receives attention from you.
  9. Lying with belly up 
    This move means that your cat feels comfortable and happy; it starts with rolling on the floor, then lying on the back with belly up. Cats make this move to attract your attention and show love.
  10. Cats’ bites 
    If your cat bites you playfully, this means that she wants to play with you.
  11. Giving a long slow blink 
    We all know that cats contact with their eyes, they talk to you through them. When your cat gives you a long slow blink,  she shows you love.
  12. Licking  
    If your cat is used to lick you, so make sure that she really loves you.
  13. Bringing you presents 
    When your cat brings dead things to you as a present, this means love. Many cats show their affection by bringing you dead things such as dead small mouths or dead birds; if your cat is doing this, it is a clear sign that she thinks about you.

Now you can finally make sure if your cat loves you or not!

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