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Learn More About Your Cat’s Body Language

Of course, there are many questions come to your mind while you are communicating with your cat. Many cats’ owners find difficulties in understanding their cats’ behavior, although cats use almost all parts of their bodies and sound to communicate with people. Cats always express their feelings, desires and needs through variety of ways. We could say that cats are talkative on their way, as they always tell us things through their eyes, ears and tails too. Do you know what your cat is thinking about?! Do you feel that your cat always want to tell you something?! Could you understand your cat’s body language?! Do you know how to translate your cat’s behavior?! Here in this topic, we collected some information about cats’ body language that will show you the meanings of your cat’s behaviors and movements.

1.Cat’s tail

Your cat’s tail could tell you about its feeling whether it is happy, sad etc.

  • If the cat’s tail is up, this means that your cat feels happy and everything is OK.
  • If your cat’s tail is down, then your pet feels threatened or scared from something around.
  • If it is moving slowly back and forth, this means that your cat is thinking about her feelings.
  • When the tail moves rapidly back and forth, it is a manifestation of anger and a desire to be alone.

2. Cat’s eyes and looks 

Cats could tell you how they sense the world around through their eyes.

  • If your cat is staring down, this means that she faces a challenge.
  • Half-closed eyes refer to a feeling of relaxation.
  • Slow blinking eyes mean that your cat is trustful, feels safe and comfortable.
  • Dilated pupils happen when your cat is surprised.
  • Constricted pupils refer to tense and aggressive feelings.

3. Cat’s ears 

You could also understand what your cat wants to say and how she feels through noticing her ears’ position.

  • Ears straight and pointed up means that your cat pay attention for something important.
  • Ears forward: when happens, this move refer to happy and comfortable feelings.
  • Ears turned back or sideways shows nervousness about something.
  • Ears flat against head surely mean that your pet is angry about someone.

4. Scratching 

You may find your cat scratching furniture, clothes or the stuff in the house. This action means that she wants more attention.

5. Yowling 

When your cat yowls, it means that she feels restless and needs more comfortable and joy.

6. Hissing

This sound means that your cat needs to get more personal space, you should be careful when dealing with a hissing cat.

7. Meowing

If your cat meowed, this also means that she needs you to pay more attention.

8. The exposed tummy

When your cat starts to roll on her back and stay on the posture where her tummy is up, it means that she feels relaxed, trustful and comfortable with everything surrounds her.

9. Not moving

If you notice that your cat is not moving for some time, then she is waiting for the good time to attack.

10. The purring

Cats tend to purr in two cases; when they feel happy, or pained, if it is a deep purring.



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