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Top 19 Intelligent Animals in The World

Humans have the ability to learn, reason and solve problems, being self-aware, having the ability to make tools and practice the art of deception. We are creative creatures, having language and having the ability to express it. All these features are considered signs of intelligence, but we are sharing our world with many intelligent animals, living in groups, having their own rules, showing how intelligent they are. There are top 19 animals in the world.

1- Chimpanzees

As we know, chimpanzees look like humans, having the capacity in some ways to think like humans, Chimpanzees are omnivores as they eat plants and animals, young chimpanzees spend 7 to 10 years with their mother, learning how to find food, use tools and make nests in trees.
Chimpanzees one of the smartest animals in the world, having the ability to adapt their environment and utilize tools to help the community to carry out certain tasks.

Intelligent habits of Chimpanzees:
* Chimpanzees have the ability to learn from surroundings.
* Chimpanzees have great communication power.
* Chimpanzees use different tools for finding their food and make their own home.
* Chimpanzees’ DNA is similar to humans’ DNA.
* Chimpanzees can understand human language
* Chimpanzees can defend enemies through using tools.

2- Dolphins

Being the world’s second most intelligent animal in the world, characterized by their advanced communication skills. They are also considered to be self aware as they have the ability to recognize themselves in a mirror. Humans make use of the intelligence of dolphins in solving many of the mysteries across world oceans. Having the length of about 2-4 m, and weighing about 135-650 kg. males are larger than females. although these dolphins lived underwater for up to 7 minutes, they come to the surface to breathe air. although they have a weak sense of smell, they have the other sense organs, having eyes at the side of their heads with a nearly 360-degree field of vision, having also an excellent sense of hearing. each dolphin had a signature whistle used to call out to the group when it lost.

Intelligent habits of dolphins:
*The dolphin’s brain is related to its body size.
* Dolphins can express various types of emotions.
* They have the ability to learn from their surroundings.
* When the dolphins sleep, only one side of their brain sleeps to help them to be aware about the threats.
* Dolphins are the only marine animals that have the ability to look to themselves in the mirror.

3- Elephants

Elephants have larger brains than any other animals, being one of the most intelligent animals, showing great social and intelligent behaviors, being also one of the faithful companions of humans. Elephants belong to the family of Elephantidae. male African elephants height is about 4m and weighing about 7000 kg. elephants have a long trunk used for breathing and grasping objects and digging, having also a large ear flap to control  their body temperature, having great legs to carry their great weight. elephants lived in savannas, forests and deserts. elephants were used in wars in the past. elephants are so intelligent animals, having self awareness and showing empathy for dead individuals.

Intelligent habits of Elephants:
* Elephants are social animals and can learn easily from the surroundings.
* Elephants can recognize various of individual sounds.
* Elephants have a lot of emotions like joy, sorrow and playfulness.
* Elephants can mimic a lot of sounds.
* Elephants have the ability to use tools for finding food.

4- Crows

Crow is one of the intelligent birds that belongs to the corvidae family, with 40 species of crow, so there are different sizes of crew. crows lived in many habitats, known for problem solving because of its intelligence. crows eat small animals as mammals, amphibians, eggs and carrion. crows can live up to 14 years. being unafraid of humans, being smart enough to cause trouble for humans.

* Crows have the ability to solve complicated problems.
* Crows can adapt to tough situations as gathering their food and collecting resources. They can break nuts by dropping on rough surfaces.
* Crows are intelligent enough to recognize human faces and to hide food from other birds.
* Crows used some tools as stones to attack the other birds.

5- Whales

Whales are known for their massive size, using complex sounds to communicate with each other. They also coordinate their activities among the group very effectively, being problem solvers. It is very difficult to train whales because of its big size.

Intelligent habits of whales:
* Whales have larger brains than any other living things.
* Whales have cognitive abilities through the presence of spindle cells within the brain.
* Whales communicate with each other by producing complex vocal tones.
* Whales are very social as they travel and hunt in groups.
* Whales show the ability of mimicking human speech.


Orangutans are the most solitary of the great apes, having social bonds with their mothers, staying together for the first two years. orangutan is one of humankind’s closest relatives, sharing 97% of the same DNA, being the person of the forest. it has the ability to think. orangutan wasn’t killed in the past because of being a person who avoid becoming a slave by hiding in the trees. orangutan can travel through the forest, climb, build nests in trees. its lifespan is about 35:40 years. it feeds on leaves, flowers, and insects. males weigh over 200 pounds, while females are 1/3 to 1/2 of male size.

Intelligent habits of Orangutans:

* Orangutans have the ability to learn complicated new skills such as using a hammer and nail to put things together.

* Orangutans can understand their surroundings more than the other animals, so they can adapt to tough environments.

7- Octopus

Octopus is known for being the most intelligent of all invertebrate, being a skillful hunter that use developed strategies to find food, having the ability to solve the very complicated problems, being capable of complex and flexible behavior. they need to explore the environment surrounding them, learning everything easily. they can hide by using coconut shells, rocks and jets of water. many octopuses collect shells to construct gardens, and the other octopuses use them for protection. they can recognize colors, patterns and textures of their surroundings, and they have a wide array of techniques used to avoid their attackers. they are considered very fast swimmers that release a cloud of black ink when they are observed by attackers, and they can change their body shape to deceive the other animals.

Intelligent habits of Octopus:
* Octopus has the ability to learn and use tools.
* Octopus uses its muscles to control eating.

* The Octopus brain has the same features of the human brain in processing the visual and tactile information that surrounded it.

8- Rats

Rats are considered one of the intelligent animals, having a mental capacity. Rats are sewer dwellers that Hollywood has made them out to be. Rats have very good long term memories, being excellent animals as they are adapting to changing situations. There are two species of rats in Britain; the brown rat that is considered the largest rat in Britain, weighing over half a kilo and measuring about 23 cm, having a small hair-covered ears and a tail that is shorter than its body. the black rat weighs half as much, having hairless ears and a long thin tail that is longer than its body. brown rats live in any place that provide food, water and shelter, while black rats are rare. the rats usually eats at night 50 gm of food of any food that the humans eat. rats can cause damage by making fires through chewing gas pipes.

Intelligent habits of Rats:
* The rats have the ability to think that is called metacognition.
* Rats can make decisions based on what they do or don’t know.
* Rats are self-ware and they dream just as we do.
* Rats are social animals and can form strong bonds with their owners.
* Rats learn their names and come when they are called.


Although squirrels are small, their brain shouldn’t underrate. The intelligence of squirrel is focused on gathering food as their minds are uniquely adapted to everything they need and they have a memory to remember where they store it.

Intelligent habits of Squirrel:
* Squirrel can interpret the intentions of others, although it is considered a learned behavior.
* Squirrels are considered fast learners according to a recent study.
* Squirrels can learn from their peers.
* Stealing food is considered a trick that squirrels pass along.

10- Parrots

Parrots have excellent memories, having their famous ability to talk, and having the ability to solve complex problems, so they are considered one of the smartest animals in the world. They are considered creatures of habit and any small change in routine can make them unhappy. The African grey parrot is one of the most talented parrots that can imitate sounds. it is one of the oldest parrots that are kept by humans. African grey parrot is a medium sized, having a bright red tail, and orange eyes. the original habitats of African grey parrot are savannas, coastal mangroves, woodland, and forests of west and central Africa. they eat palm nuts, seeds and fruits. because of its intelligence, these parrots need a lot of toys that challenge their intelligence as puzzle toys.

Intelligent habits of parrots:
* Parrots show their smarts with their counting skills.
* Parrots intelligence appears in their vocalization skills.
* Studies have shown that parrots have abstract, inferential reasoning abilities.
* Parrots have some understanding of causality and use it to reason about the world.

11- Pigs

Pigs having the ability to think like a three old human being. They can also adapt to complex environmental situations because they have the ability to learn new skills easily.its weight is 1,1 kg at birth and it doubles in one week. pigs are considered one of the smartest animals and even smarter than dogs.

Intelligent habits of pigs:
* Pigs live closer to each others, walking together, eating together, playing together, sleeping very close to each other.
* Pigs use 20 various patterns to communicate with each others. A newborn pig can understand the sound of its mother.
* Pigs are clean animals, having the good sense to keep the toilet area far away from home.
* Pigs can trace the home, even from far away distance.

* Wild pigs are used for creating an area for growing new plants.
* Pigs play a very important role in the transportation of seeds.

Although most people wouldn’t associate extreme intelligence with animals, there are certain tasks that some animals specialize in as their minds are adapted to them, being smarter than humans in carrying out these tasks


Most breeds of dogs like Labrador Retrievers, Border Collies and poodles seemed to be very curious about their environment, having high emotional in intelligence that made them the man’s best friend, having the ability to learn new skills easily and are considered quick responders to human training. The border collie is  the most intelligent of all domestic dogs and considered a herding dog breed that lived in Anglo-Scottish region for herding the sheep. It has some wonderful features as being intelligent, energetic, and athletic.

Intelligent habits of dogs:
* Dogs can understand the human world easily than any other animals.
* Dogs can learn quickly from their surroundings.
* Dogs have the ability of understanding so quickly.
* The  dog’s brain can identify million types of scents.
* Dogs have the ability to respond to the orders of their owners.

13- Raccoon

The raccoon is found in forests, marshes, prairies and even in cities. They are adaptable and use their front paws and long fingers to find and feast on a wide variety of fare. The raccoon is the largest animal of the procyonidae family, as its body length is about 40-70 cm, and its body weight is about 3,5-9 has a greyish coat that consists of a lot of fur to protect it from the cold weather, and it has a face mask and dexterous front paws. the Raccoons are intelligent animals, with studies showing that they can remember the solution of tasks for up to 3 years. the raccoons original habitats are mixed forests, but they can live in the mountains, coastal and urban areas, where they are owned by people as pets. the females of raccoons live in a common area, while males live in groups that consists of up to four animals. although they lived for 20 years, they are exposed to death because of hunting.

Intelligent habits of Raccoons:
* Raccoons are capable of forming complex social relationships.
* Raccoons can make use of complex tools when problem solving.
* Raccoons are known for being resourceful.

14- Ants

Ants show the most perfect social system in the world, being hard working and honest. They are known for coordinating in food hunting as they stand in groups.

Intelligent habits of Ants:
1: Ants formed well planned colonies, having different sections for farming, collecting foods and for gathering.
2: Ants can carry objects that are greater than their body, as they have thick muscles in proportion to body size.
3: Ants enslave other species to build their own mass colonies.


Spiders are considered one of the smallest creatures that are very smart as the white-Mustached Portia spiders, living in African, Asian, and Australian forests.
Intelligent habits of Spiders:
* Spiders are excellent in web designing as they weave their hexagonal webs.
* Spiders choose a perfect location for their web and design it.


Squids are considered one of the most intelligent invertebrates in the world, as their brain structure is different from other invertebrates in the ocean, sharing the same complex features of the human brain.
Intelligent habits of Squids:
* Squids are curious about their environment like human beings.
* Squids have the ability to learn new skills.
* Squids can use tools to protect them from harm.

17- Sea lions

Sea lions are used in circuses instead of lions and tigers, as they can learn quickly, and because lions and tigers aren’t considered friendly as sea lions.
Intelligent habits of sea lions:
* Sea lions have the ability to think logically.
* Sea lions have the ability to learn quickly.
* Sea lions are considered friendly creatures.

18- Falcon

Falcon is used to convey messages and do reconnaissance as pigeons, being good predators. Falcons are considered the fastest bird known to man, so they are considered hunting birds.
Intelligent habits about falcons:
* Falcons have the ability to follow commands and remember territory,
* Falcons are used to convey messages, so they are considered clever birds.

19: Cats

Cats owners have trained their pets to sit down, roll over and jump, but training cats seemed to be harder than training dogs. Cats learn tricks by observation and imitation.

Intelligent habits of cats:

* Cats are considered skillful animals at hunting.

* Cats are agile and possess incredible sensory ability.

* Although they aren’t trained like dogs, they can learn new skills easily.

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