Top 10 Expensive Birds With an intriguing Amalgam of Colors

Birds are the living proof that the world still has beauty in it. Whenever I see birds singing or flying, demonstrating themselves as flying color palettes, showing contrast with the blue sky and white clouds, I think I have got nothing to do, but to thank God for creating them beautifully! So, hold on tight because you are about to set off on a journey to the most expensive, beautiful and rare birds worldwide!

10- American Goldfinch [$765]
American Goldfinch, also known as the Eastern Goldfish, is a migratory bird that is primarily found only in North America. During breeding time, American goldfinches fly from mid-Alberta to North California. On the other hand, American goldfinches set off a journey from the south of Canda to Mexico, during winter. The birds’ colors vary from vibrant yellow to olive green to show its sexual dimorphism. Moreover, they are graced with a cone-shaped beak that helps them take off fruit pips. Not to mention their limber legs that help them take hold of the stems of seedheads.

9- North Cardinal [$800]
This passerine bird belongs to the Cardinalidae breed and is primarily found in North and South America. North Cardinals are also known as “cardinal grosbeak” and “cardinal bunting,” and are graced with solid bills. On a normal basis, its length is nearly 12 centimeters and its weight is almost 85 grams. Interestingly, North Cardinals bear resemblance to the Catholic cardinal. Surprisingly, such a breed is loyal to its mate as they stick only to one till it perishes. Interestingly, they feed on sunflowers seeds and they tend to be prone to staying in the sunlight.

8- Mountain Bluebird [$850]
What makes Mountain Bluebirds’ appearance unique is the light underbelly and black eyes. Moreover, it is a little bit bigger than the birds before mentioned in the list and its length ranges from 16 to 20 centimeters and its weight is nearly 30 grams.
It is easy to point out the difference between the male and the female; the female is graced with wings and tail of dull blue shade and grey crown and breast. On the other hand, the male is marked with bills of a light tune of turquoise. It is essential to mention that they feed on insects; they hover over the prey, then head to catch it. Moreover, they feed on worms, berries, and peanuts.

7- Northern Oriole [$850]
Northern Oriole is also known as the Baltimore oriole. It is named after Lord Baltimore, the color of coats-of-arms, to which they bear a great resemblance. Firstly, Northern Oriole is an icterid bird that migrates from one region to another, yet primarily swells in northern regions. During the summer season, they mainly dwell in the Nearctic. During the breeding season, they set off from Wisconsin to Maine, then to central Mississippi and Alabama prior to heading to the north of Georgia. The male bird is gifted with a great singing voice you can hear from the tree canopy.

6- Scarlet Tanager [$900]
Scarlet Tanager is an American bird that is gifted with an intriguing singing voice. Actually, its singing voice bears resemblance to that of the cardinal bird. As a matter of fact, pointing out the differences between the males and the female versions of this breed is a piece of cake. On one hand, the female version is graced with yellow and olive plumage, olive-brown wings, and tail. On the other hand, the male version is marked by a pale stout smooth bill, with bright red and black wings and tail. Finally, they dwell in large forested areas that have oaks like eastern North America.

5- Flamingo [$1,000]
Whenever someone mentions the flamingo bird, I recall a scene from a famous cartoon show where flamingos were dancing in harmony. It is a breed of wading birds that live in the Caribbean, South America, South Africa and parts of Asia. It is partially marked with its pink color and comeliness. Some of its species are also seen in the Caribbean. Such beautiful birds have the potential to fly 35 miles in a single hour. The name flamenco means fire, which can be originated to the fact that flamencos are red as fire! Flamencos’ bills are fairly straight and small but it has a “break” curve after a while.

4- Hyacinth Macaw [$1,200]
Have you watched Rio? If yes! You are about to read some facts about the movie’s main parrot. If not! It is too bad to let go of that movie! Either way, you will let your brain absorb information about one of the largest parrots in the world. This parrot dwells central and eastern South America. Hyacinth is 100 centimeters in length, marking itself as the longest among all other species. In addition, the hyacinth macaw weighs 3.5 kilograms. Such a breed is suffering and finding it hard to live because of the bird-trapping for pet trades. In other words, it is existence is on the edge. Hyacinth Macaws mainly live in South America and East America. It has a solid beak that helps it crush seeds, pips, and coconuts!

3- Toucan [$5,000]
Seeing such bird gives tropical vibes, doesn’t it? It is like a rainbow or a coloring palette has overwhelmed that amazingly, jaw-droppingly beautiful bird. Luckily, toucan is available in nearly 40 different species in the world. It is primarily found in Southern Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. What makes toucan special is the amalgam of colors it demonstrates; it features black, yellow, purple, orange, green, and blue. You can get it for a whopping price of $5,000; however, it is totally worth it!

2- Black Palm Cockatoo [$16,000]
Black Palm Cockatoo is the bird that is available in different breeds and is known for its intriguingly beautiful features. Considerably, it is a fairly tall bird that reaches the height of 60cm and features smoky grey plumage, combined with red spots on their head to render their beauty striking. This bird is commonly found in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea. It is not quite easy to create this breed, unfortunately. That’s why it has reached the whopping price of 16,000 dollars, marking itself as one of the most expensive birds and animals combined.

1- Racing Pigeons [$90,900]
Displayed for auction in Belgian in 2013, the racing Pigeon was sold at a high price of $6 million. If you are wondering why it is so pricey, you have to know that it is the fastest bird worldwide. Moreover, it holds a record in the Olympian Usain Bolt. It is pretty impressive, isn’t it? Anyways, you can get an estimated value of $90,900 in the markets.

Finally, all that we have to do as human beings is to call for saving and protecting these lovely creatures. Interestingly, birds teach us – human beings- to fly high, hover in the sky, and appreciate freedom and nature.

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