Top 10 Most Beautiful Parrot species Worldwide

favorite pets for a long time. they are colorful and beautiful. they are also playful and smart. they have the intelligence of a five years human child parrots can survive man because its ability of imitation of human speech. parrots are loved by kids who prefer to play the game of mimicry with it. the parrots have four toes on each foot. two of them are forward and the other two are backward. there are different species of parrots. they are different in size and length.

1- Scarlet macaw
The scarlet macaw is considered a very popular pet. it is one of the largest parrots in the world. it belongs to south, and central America. it can live for 50 years. it is also so loud. they love imitating the human sounds too much.

2-Hyacinth Macaw
The hyacinth macaw is considered the longest parrot in the parrot’s family. its length is 100 cm. it ranks number 3 among the other parrots. it is also the largest parrot. its roots belong to the eastern and the central south of America. its blue color makes it seem too beautiful.

3-blue and yellow macaw
There is another kind of macaw which is called the blue and yellow macaw. it is so beautiful. its length is about 84 cm. this parrot is like the other macaw. it is too smart and a quick learner. it can learn to talk very quickly.

4-White fronted Amazon

White fronted amazon is considered the smallest parrot of amazon takes number 6 among the top 10 species of parrots.its length is about 25 cm. it lives in forests of central America.its lifespan is about 40 can imitate from 30 to 40 sounds.

5-African grey
African grey is called the grey parrot. its grey color makes it so beautiful. this parrot feeds on fruits, seeds and palm nuts. it has the ability to imitate many creatures.

Cockatail is considered a famous pet in many houses all over the world. its roots belongs to Australia. like the other parrots, it is so smart and can imitate sounds. it is considered the smallest parrot of the cockatoo family.

7-Rainbow Lorikeet
Rainbow Lorikeet is distinguished with its bright colors. it takes the seven positions of the top ten species of parrots. its length is about 25:30 is one of the smartest parrots in the world. this parrot lives up to the age of 20 years.

8- Fisher’s lovebirds/all other lovebirds
Fisher’s lovebirds belonged to Madagascar and Africa. they are not only found in forests, but they are owned by people in houses also. Despite its small size, it is considered one of the smartest parrots. its lifespan is about 20 years old.

9-Golden parakeet
The golden parakeet is one of the coolest parrots in the world. this parrot is so beautiful because of its golden look that makes it named as the golden parakeet. it is so smart parrot. it has green feathers that make it more beautiful. this species of parrots is threatened to be extinct.

10-Yellow crested cockatoo
Yellow crested cockatoo has a very beautiful looking. it has a fair white plum along with a yellow crest, so it had been named as yellow crested cockatoo. it lives in Australia. its length is about 34 cm.

If you intend to own a parrot in your house, you should take care of it by making regular visits to the vet. for the health of your parrot and your family, you will take care of your parrot. it is considered so sensitive bird and need much care. you should do blood tests on your parrots if they are new comers.

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