Birds are considered the fourth American favorite pets. There are 14 million types of birds in the USA. Most of these birds are parrots. Parrots are colorful birds. They are considered friends of human beings. They have the intelligence of a human 5 year old. All parrots have some things in common. They have a curved beak and zygodactyl feet. This means that they have four toes on every foot. Two of them are forward and the other two are backward. You must take care of them or they will pluck out their own feathers. There are more than 300 types of parrots in the world, but most of them are extinct. The largest type of parrots weigh as the average house cat.
There are some interesting facts about parrots:

1-A third of the world’s population parrots are endangered

After the destruction of the pet trade, many species of parrots become in danger. They are exposed to be extinct. There are less than 150 parrots of Kakapo species and 50 parrots of the orange-bellied parrot Australia.

2-Many parrots are long lived

There are many types of parrots that can live from 35 to 50 years. The oldest parrot lives at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo. It is 82 years old. It is called a cookie.

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There is also a grey African type called Tarbu that lived to the age of 55

3-parrots taste with the tops of their beaks

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Parrots feet are zygodactyl. This means that they have two feet forward and two feet backward. The feet of the parrots are like human hands. They didn’t only use their hands to hang from the branches, but they can use them to pick up food, and put it in their mouths as well. Parrots are like humans. They may be right-footed or left-footed.

4- parrots are social creatures

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The majority of parrots like to live in flocks. They can communicate with each other by shaking their tail feathers. The flock consists of 20 or 30 birds. Many species of parrots mate for life. The male parrots made some expressions and can also dance to attract the females. If the female chooses it, they will live together seeking food and bringing their young.

5-The black palm is the panda of parrots

The black palm cockatoo belonged to the reinforces in the south pacific. This parrot has some difficulties in breeding its chicks. Its chicks lives one year only. This happens because of its sensitive skin that reacts to natural sunlight.

6-parrots typically lay 2 to 8 eggs at one time

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The eggs of the parrot incubate after 18 to 30 days. The parents exchange sitting on them. The young parrot was born with a thin layer of feathers. It was born also blind for the first two weeks of its life. The feathers of the chicks began to appear gradually after three weeks. According to the species of the parrot, it becomes in full maturity after becoming 1 to 4 years old.

7-Many parrots can imitate sounds

Parrots are considered wonderful pets as they can imitate sounds. The other birds can call each other without being taught, but parrots learn through imitation. Its ability to imitate the other sounds help it to face the dangers of predators as the snakes. The parrots existed in homes can imitate human sounds, the sound the phone and the sound of the doorbell. The African grey parrot named Alex can imitate more a hundred words and can also understand these words.

8- parrots are among the most intelligent birds

Parrots can learn so quickly, so they are considered from the most intelligent birds. They have the intelligence of 5 years old human beings. They can’t only imitate sounds, but they can solve problems as well. They can also associate words with situations. Parrots like playing too much and this proves its intelligence.

9- parrots have been kept as pets for 3000 years

The ancient Egyptians were the first to keep parrots. The Indians and the Chinese came after them in keeping the parrots as pets. Parrots are considered the most popular pet bird in the world. Parrots need much care from you, if you intend to own .if they aren’t trained well, they become so noisy and will bite you. The extinction of parrots is due to the parrot pet trade.

10- the world’s largest parrot can’t fly

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The Kakapo is considered the world’s largest parrot. It is one the rarest birds in the world. It is the only parrot in the world that can’t fly. However, it can’t fly, it is so good at jumping and climbing the trees to eat fruits. The Kakapo female is smaller than the male and its tail is longer, while most parrots look like the same whether they are males or females.

11-Cockatoos can move the feathers on their heads

Cockatoos are distinguished with its uncolored feathers. They didn’t have the chemicals that are responsible for the colored features that are found in the other parrots. They can move the feathers on their head as the dogs when they move their ears. They move them when they are scared or angry.

12-The heaviest parrot weighs as much as the cat

Parrots have many shapes and sizes. The smallest parrot size is like the size of the adult’s human finger. The parrot that is called macaw is considered the longest parrot. The Kakapo is considered the heaviest parrot. Its weight is like the weight of the adult house cat.

13- some parrots migrate

The swift parrot (lathamus discolor) and the orange-bellied parrot (Neophema chrysogaster) migrate every year. These two species are in danger.

14- parrot feathers contain antibacterial pigments

The parrots produce a bacteria-resistant pigment that makes their features colored. The researchers exposed the different colored feathers to a feather-damaging bacteria and they found that these pigments protect the feathers.

Parrots are wonderful pets. They are so loud and energetic. They need special food and vet care. If you take care of them and provide a home for them to live, they will be companions to you. If you don’t take care of them, they will bite you and they will be so angry.