There are a lot of rare animals in the world that haven’t been discovered yet, so some individuals do mate for some species and produce hybrids that are considered animals that shared the same genetic traits of the both parents of two different species, but being stronger than the original species.

Half of these breeds are well-known as the mule that is considered a mix of a horse and a donkey, but the other breeds are considered rare. There are 20 strange animal hybrids:


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know cama 021 | Bizarre Animals

Cama is considered a mixture between the male camel and the female llama, being big, wooly and with the friendly temperament of a llama. The Cama turned to be super grumpy, being related to the both breeds that are considered genetic cousins, so it wasn’t hard to mix them together.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know liger 01 | Bizarre Animals

Liger is considered the most famous animal hybrid, having a lion father and a tiger mother. Liger is considered the first breed in India when the British gave a pair of Liger cubs to Queen Victoria, measured as 11 feet long, weighing 800 pounds, being friendly animals like their lion father and fond of water like their mother tiger.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Tigon 02 | Bizarre Animals

Tigon is considered the twin of a Liger, having a tiger father and a lion mother, having the same size of his mother lion, inheriting a group of spots and stripes as the golden tiger. Tigons are considered rare compared to ligers.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know leopon 02 | Bizarre Animals

Leopon is considered a creation of a male leopard and a female lion, being weak breeds and zoologists believe that breeding them is inhumane. There are also rare Jaguleps that are considered a cross between a jaguar and Leopard, so the Leopon takes the top spot.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Jaglion 01 | Bizarre Animals

Jaglion have the parents of the Tsunami and Jazhara that have a beautiful love story, being spotted hybrids, while Jahzara was black and Tsunami was white. The healthy Jaglions are literally miracle babies.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know zonkey 012 | Bizarre Animals

The Zonkey is a mix between a Donkey and Zebra, having a Zebra father and Donkey mother, being more common animals than Zonies that are a mix of a Zebra and a Shetland pony. Zonkies haven’t families of their own and form a new species.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Zorse 02 | Bizarre Animals

The Zorse is a mix between a Zebra and a Horse, being a very wild animal and aggressive as Zebras, being as friendly as a domesticated horse, but with a unique appearance, being spotted, varying in their patterns, coats, and markings, making it hard to predict what a new Zorse will look like.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Geep 02 | Bizarre Animals

Geep is considered a mix between goats 60 chromosomes and sheep 54 chromosomes, born with 57 chromosomes sharing attributes from both parents, being rare because their parents don’t have the same number of chromosomes.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Yakow 01 | Bizarre Animals

The Yakow is considered a mix between a cow and yak, being so tough to live in cold weather, but they don’t produce a lot of milk or meat, being stronger and larger than yaks and cows.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Cattalo 05 | Bizarre Animals

The cattalo is considered a mix between a buffalo and a cow, being harder and tougher than the cows, producing more milk and meat with less fat and cholesterol, consuming less grass, being like the grumpy old uncle to cows and yakows.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Coywolf 01 | Bizarre Animals

Coywolf is considered a frightening combination of a female coyote and male wolf, being halfway between coyotes and wolves in size, but they are more cooperative and social like wolves, being more suitable for scavenging for small animals and garbage in cities.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Coydogs 01 | Bizarre Animals

Coydog is a combination between the coyote and the domestic dog, being very pretty, black, golden, or white. Being solitary creatures, being less friendly and trustworthy than dogs or wolves, being very playful.

13-Savannah cat

20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Savannah Cats 012 | Bizarre Animals

Savannah cat is a breed that combines between the Siamese and the several cats from Africa. Savannah cat is a large cat weighing up to 25 pounds, having cupped ears and tear-like marks below their eyes, being smart and loyal, being an active pet that could jump up to 8 feet and run like the wind.

14-Iron Age Pig

20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Iron Age Pig 01 | Bizarre Animals

In 1980, hunters recreated the iron age pig by breeding pigs with wild boars, resulting a hybrid that was similar to the ancient pigs and just as stubborn, wild and angry. This process is called”back breeding” that is used to recreate ancient animals like wild pigs from domesticated stock, breeding wild traits that are stronger than domesticated traits.

15-Grolar Bear

20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Grolar Bear 02 | Bizarre Animals

The Grolar bear is a mix of a grizzly bear and a polar bear, being born when grizzly bears started migrating further north, and polar bears started heading south looking for dry land and food, having white fur, a long neck, and brown spots.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Wholphin 05 | Bizarre Animals

Wholphin is considered a mix between a false killer whale and a bottlenose dolphin, weighing 400 pounds, measures  16 feet. the two animals are both from the dolphin family, but the false killer whale is extremely rare and lack a distinctive black and white pattern. The wholphins are friendlier than the killer whales.


20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Narluga 05 | Bizarre Animals

When the oceans are getting warmer, beluga whales are migrating north in great numbers and encountering the strange narwhal that are famous for their spiral arm, being a bit weirder than belugas that live further south, while narwhals live in the arctic. In 1990, a skull that belongs to a strange hybrid was discovered in Greenland.

18-Blacktip Sharks

20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Blacktip Sharks | Bizarre Animals

The Blacktip shark hybrid is a combination of the Australian and northern Blacktip sharks. Scientists suspect that the sharks might be hybridizing in response to climate change or overfishing, being adapted to live in warm tropical waters. Shark babies are called pups.

19-Killer bees

20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know killer bees 02 | Bizarre Animals

Killer bees are actually a mix between European honey bees and African honey bees, being  a dangerous and aggressive species, having the ability to attack and sting in large numbers, killing people who stumbled across their nests. In 1985, the first killer bee was discovered in America.

20-Mulard “mule ducks”

20 Strange Animal Hybrids You Need To Know Mulard 02 | Bizarre Animals

The Mulard duck artificial mix between male muscovies with female pekins. Sterile breed, bred for meat production.

Hybrid animals sometimes have health problems due to their genetics. a large scale problem of hybridization comes from wild hybrids, being in a danger of extinction through hybridization.