The 10 Most Important Facts About Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is one of the most popular breeds of cats. It lived in California. It is a large cat. It has a long tail. Its fur makes its face appear larger. Its legs are so strong and long. Its eyes are colorful. It has blue eyes. Its coat is soft, plush and silky. It is so easier to take care of its coat than it appears. It should be brushed every day. It is considered a good companion to its owners who bring it in their homes.
There are some facts about Ragdoll cats

1-water lovers

Ragdolls love water very much.despite of its love of water, it became scared by the sound of the running water. if you intend to take a shower in your home, you should take care, because your Ragdoll cat will join you during the shower.

2-family-friendly cat

Ragdolls are considered ideal pets. They can interact easily with other cats and with children. They are called “Puppy cats”as they follow their owners from a room to another. They can bring the toys that are thrown on the ground for them.

3- side-view-of-Ragdoll-cat

Ragdoll cat is one of the urban legends that was created by Ann Baker. One of her first cats that are used for breeding was injured in a car accident.

4- the Algonquin hotel cat is a Ragdoll

There have been 10 cats in the historical Algonquin hotel in New York since 1930; seven of them are males and the other three are females. Matilda is Ragdoll that is considered Algonquin cat.

5- perfect personalities

Ragdolls are so gentle cats. They can make companions quickly. It is energetic. It’s like playing very much, so it causes destruction and knock everything off the shelves.

6-Beautiful blue eyes

These cats have blue eyes. They may be a blue-green or gold color. Ragdoll babies are born with blue eyes. They change to a different color in their first weeks of life.

7-Many patterns and colors of fur

There are four patterns of ragdolls;mitted, van, bicolor and Colorpoint. A mitted Ragdoll has white paws. Its body is colored. The van rag doll has a dark color on the top of its head, ears and tail. A bicolor Ragdoll has a face colored in the shape of an inverted ‘v’. Its legs, chest, stomach and neck are colored with white color. A colorpointed Ragdoll has darker fur on its body, ears, face, legs and tail. These patterns’color variations can be red, blue, chocolate, or cream.

8-Large cat breed

Ragdolls are one of the largest cat breeds. It is known with its large size. Females weight is up to 15 pounds while males weight is about 20 pounds. It’s a big weight makes them difficult to carry.

9- they have a fitting name

Ragdolls took this name because it goes limp like a ragdoll when it was held. Ragdolls have a large affection towards the people unlike the other breeds.

10- west coast origin

Ragdolls started in California. Ann Baker invented a legend about the breed’s origins. The breeder Ann baker wanted special characteristics of this cat. It wanted it so beautiful, having a long coat and large size, this made this cat has contradictions.

The Ragdoll coat requires regular care. You should make your cat used to being brushed since it was young. Their coats have different lengths and textures, but they are easy to brush because of its silky texture. You should use soft brushes. Ragdolls is a breed that is must keep indoors. An enclosed garden can provide a solution between protecting the cat and allowing them to go out.

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