Grey cat breeds are known their unique and beautiful color. If you want to have a breed of grey cats, here are some of your options:

British Shorthair

It is also known as the Brit or English cat for the reason that it’s the national cat of British Isles. British Shorthair Cats are a powerful, muscular, and compact breed, which are chunky in appearance. They have short strong legs, a broad chest, and big rounded paws. Their tail is also thick at its base, plush yet not fluffy, and round at the tip. The males are always bigger than the female ones and the difference in size can easily recognized than to some domestic breeds.

British-Shorthair-grey cat


Devon Rex

It is a breed of cat with unique appearance. Its short muzzle, big eyes, big ears, and prominent cheekbones give it an elfin look. Muscular and hard, broad chest, medium length, slender, body carried high on the legs, and medium fine boning are just some of the characteristics of this cat.

devon-rex-cat grey 12


Norwegian Forest Cat

It is a solid, strong, muscular cat, which is somewhat similar to Maine Coon. It is said that this cat was an early ancestor of Maine Coon. It is also referred to as Norsk Skaukatt in its homeland and it is known for having a long and dense double coat with an outer layer that covers a wooly and thick undercoat, which makes it waterproof even in heavy rainstorms. These are large cats and the adult males usually weigh between ten and sixteen pounds. Their hind legs are also longer compared to their front legs, which made them different from Maine Coon. In spite of its size, Norwegian Forest Cats have a particular elegant characteristic.



Siberian cats are a semi-longhaired and ancient domestic breed of cat, which is considered as Russia’s national cat. The breed is also recognized by numerous purebred cat registry organizations that accept different colors of Siberian cats. The most common and traditional color of this cat’s coat is golden tabby and the Siberian kittens are often short-haired at birth without outer guard hairs that develop until reaching 3 months of age.

Siberian grey cat

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Maus are well-muscled, medium sized, and active cats. They’re often spotted while their tails and legs are banded. Their head is also rounded wedge without any flat pane and their ears can be tufted. The eyes of Egyptian Maus are big, almond shaped, and alert. Generally, they have green eyes at the age of 18 months.

Egyptian-Mau grey cat

American Wirehair

It is a medium to big cat and its body is a bit longer. It is also powerful and well-muscled, showing a good chest depth. As in majority of breeds of cats, the female ones are typically smaller than the males, yet they don’t appear dainty or frail and must not be penalized because of perceived difference. The head of American Wirehair is broad and known for having a set of well-developed cheekbones on their well-muscled neck.

American-Wirehair-grey cat 25