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7 Cat Methods For Waking Up Their Owners

When you welcome a kitty-cat into your life, you should know that your life will be graced with cuddles and small bitings. You will feel like you are a parent and you have a little baby that needs your care and patronage. Hence, you should grasp the ways to which your cat resort in order to get your attention. Here are the ways you cats may resort to so they wake when they need you, concern and care.

1. Meowing Loudly
A cat’s weapon is to meow. When you cat is happy, it meows. When you cat is frowny, it meows. Actually, meows vary from one state to another. So, it meows when it wants to wake you up, as well. However, cats will meow all the time and all the way. And there is no way you can resort to in order to avoid waking up. We can say that cats know what they are doing.

2. Electrical cords and cat’s power.
Naturally, you can put lamps, headsets or clocks on your bedside table as it seems harmless to have such gadgets or devices on your nightstand. However, your cat would not regard them as regular gadgets as it will look at them as they are toys with which it can have a whale of time, and of course, can view them as effective means to wake her owner up to play with him or her. So, if you are a cat owner, you will get used to waking up, finding your lamp thrown and broken on the floor or waking up while almost having a heart attack because your cat was playing with the clock cords.

3. Do you love waking up at paws on your face?!
Your little kitty can feel lonely while you are sleeping, despite the fact that it can ignore you for a long time when you finally take the step and try to play with it. So, while sleeping, do not freak out of your find your little Sylvester walking on your face and pushing itself against your lying body. You should know that your cat’s favourite game is to sit on you while you are having your resting position.

4. Scratching and Pulling at the Comforter
If your kitty-cat lets you sleeps beside her in bed, you are lucky. Usually, cats enjoy waking up in a cosy bed graced with silky sheets, velvet blankets and plumy pillows. Cats are prone to take hold of the sheets and pull them off the bed, simulating you to wake up from your deepest sleep. Do not get the kitty cat wrong, she may just want you to make her breakfast and hand her fuzzy balls and stuffed animals.

5. As cute as a button way!
A cat knows what it is doing and may resort to ways with which it ensures that you cannot ignore or say no! Imagine how cute it is when you see your cat holding a fluffy stuffed animal between its jaw, hurling up to you and meowing, leaving the fluffy toy beside you on the bed so you can take it and play with her. Okay, if this in not the cutest way ever, one does not what it is!

6. Nipping at your toes
You loving cat will not bite or hurt you, yet it can nip at your toes and feet for attention and to get you out of your sleep. Hence, do not hit the sack while leaving your cat energetic and hectic as it will not let you sleep and if you opposed such enforcement, it will keep nipping at your feet and give you some gentle bitings and show her utmost playful attitude till you wake up and pay her some attention she deserves.

7. It can chew on your hair to wake you up!
Believe it or not! You make wake up finding your hair being pulled and between you cat’s jaws. It will not hurt, but blood will pulse through you. Do not worry, your cat just needs you.

Finally, cats usually do not wake their owners up out of no reason; they usually need to eat, drink or play because, as aforementioned, cats are like babies and the owners is considered the parents.

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