Bengal Cat Caring- 10 Things You Should Do

The Bengal cat belonged to the domestic cat breed. This cat is distinguished with its colored coat. The Bengals are confident and loving their companions of pets. They are also interactive and talkative. Bengals enjoy watching you brush your teeth, while the others like to join you in the shower. The Bengals eyes cats are colored. It may have blue or green or yellow or golden eyes.

There are two types of the Bengal cats, the spotted type and the marbled type. Bengals are athletic. It can walk across the back of your sofa. The Bengals are quite large. Males weigh on average between (4.5:6.8kg) and females (3.6:5.4kg). The Bengal cats have small ears and a small head in comparison to its body.
There are some ways that the owner of the Bengal cat should follow:

1:You must feed your cat regularly

You should use the cat food that has the best quality. You should take care that your cat had not become overweight. If your Bengal cat had become overweight, you should have need to cut back its food allowance by 10%. After this cut back, check your cat’s weight weekly.

2:Give your Bengal cat water

You should give your pet water in a dish. You can also buy a running water system. Bengal cats love playing with water. Brings to your cat a play pool and it will enjoy splashing water everywhere.

3:Give your cat a litter box that has a cover

You should also give your cat a litter box with high edges as Bengal cats can jump too high. The high edge is so they don’t pee outside the box. If you want to make your cat go the bathroom, train it from being young.

4: Do only a small amount of grooming

The Bengals coat did not need much care. To keep its coat glossy and sleek, use a rubber grooming glove. If you start brushing your Bengal cats from being young, it will love it when it grows up.

5: Take your Bengal to the vet regularly

Like all cats, Bengals need regular visits to the vet to keep it healthy. You should make sure that your vet is taking care of your Bengal.

6: Consider taking out pet insurance for your Bengal cat

This pet insurance will cost you a modest sum every year. It will help you in the case of an emergency medical problem for your Bengal cat. This insurance will pay the cost of the vet bills.

7: Give your Bengal cats a chance to climb

Bengals love climbing too much. The higher they jump, the happier they will be.if they didn’t find things to jump on, they will jump on our curtains. You should put a floor-to-ceiling cat  in every room to climb it to see the birds from the window. It will enjoy this very much.

8:Give the Bengal mental stimulation so it doesn’t get into trouble

Bengal cats are so intelligent and can open any closed door, so you should make sure that the doors are closed if any room contains harmful products. You should bring some toys for your cat to play with it daily.

9:Have fun with your Bengal

You should pay attention to your cat. There must be a time for entertainment for your cat. Play with your cat every day. Put a feather on a string and move it slowly. Your pet will think that it is alive and will pounce. Bengals live 12 or 18 years, so you should spend much time with your Bengal cat.

10:Help the Bengal to bond with all members of the household

To help your pet to be familiar with everyone, everyone in the family should spend equal time playing with, feeding and grooming it.if you don’t want your Bengal cat bother you all the night, bring another cat to play with it.

As a rule Bengal cats are confident. They can get along with dogs. They did not feel afraid of them. They feel how friendly the dogs. Another fact about Bengals is that will attack you if you pull its tail. The Bengals also have sensitive stomachs. There might be a vomiting that indicates to a serious problem, so you should take it to the vet immediately. Bengal cats eat more than other cats. They need more energy than the other cats. If your Bengal cat scratches at the areas around the food before and after eating, this means that it didn’t like the food. Bring different flavors for it to see which it prefers.

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