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Solving The Problem Of Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box

Some cats have litter box use problems, as some cats aren’t comfortable with its litter box, and didn’t want to use it if you didn’t clean this litter box. You should also provide your cat with an additional litter box. If the litter box is too deep, your cat will refuse to pee in its litter box, as it prefers the one of two inches. Some cats prefer to pee on some surfaces as carpets, so it didn’t pee in the litter box. The cats have a strong sense of smell, so if the litter box is dirty, it wouldn’t prefer to pee in the litter box, peeing in any place. Some cats prefer to pee in the same place, so if the litter box is moved, it will pee in the same spot on the floor. If your cat suffered from a medical problem, it will cause pain for it, so it will avoid peeing in its litter box. Stress can also cause litter-box problems, happening when adding new animals or family members to your house, or through changing the daily routine. There are 10 ways to make your cat feel better about using its litter box:

1-Consult your veterinarian

IF unsuitable urination was considered a problem with your cat, you should consult your veterinarian to make a physical check-up for your cat to determine if the problem is medical. Urinary infections and kidney failure are considered one of the reasons that may make your cat produce more urine. If your cat has been given the clean medical health, you would have addressed the behavioral problems.

2- You should check the type of litter
You should choose a perfumed litter box rather than a dirty litter box, and your cat seems to stick with the familiar litter box, so your cat will urinate outside the litter box if you choose the non- perfumed litter box. The studies have proven that the better litter box is a loose, clumping, unscented clay litter box.

3- You should observe the social Dynamics
introduction of  new cats for the first time, there will be conflicts between them, and this will lead to getting your cat into an altercation in the litter box, leading to bad memories.

4- You Should clean the litter box of your cat regularly
If the litter box of your cat is dirty, your cat will pee in any place. Cats are considered clean creatures by nature, so you should clean the litter box of your cat regularly to prevent your cat peeing in any elsewhere.

5- You should use a different box
You shouldn’t use an enclosed litter box for your cat, as it seems dark, smelly, and difficult to pee in it, so you must use the litter box that its sides aren’t too high that helping your cat to pee easily in this litter box, especially if your cat is an old cat.

6- You should choose the suitable location for your cat
You should put the litter box of your cat in the suitable place to facilitate the task for your cat to find it quickly. If your cat is used to pee in one place, you will move the litter box into this place to help your cat to pee inside the litter box.

7-Using an additional litter box
You should know that one litter box isn’t enough for your cat, so you must have an additional one. For example, if you live on the second floor, you wouldn’t want to run downstairs to enter your bathroom, so you should have an extra bathroom. Your cat also needs an extra bathroom to use it if the other one is far from it.

8-You must clean the place where your cat pee outside the litter box
It is considered a must to clean the area where your cat pee outside the litter box to make the floors so clean and healthy for your cat, and to prevent your cat from peeing another time in this dirty spot, learning it to pee inside the litter box.

9-Handling and solving the problem quickly
If you notice that your cat is peeing outside its litter box, you must solve this problem so quickly, to avoid making this behavior a habit for your cat. You should also make your cat feel more secure in its territory, as if it is afraid, this will make it pee outside the litter box, and if you own more one cat in your house, you should separate your living cats.

10- Defining the problem
Before doing anything, you should define and discover the cause of the inappropriate urination. Spraying is considered a cause of marking their territory, while the peeing outside the litter box is considered a large problem.

If your cat is peeing outside the litter box, there is a great possibility of having a medical problem, so your vet should have a urine sample to determine the cause of the problem. There are some causes for the problem as the interstitial cystitis, caused by the blood that is existed in the urine, seeing it by using the microscope. Urinary crystals are considered another medical cause for peeing outside the litter box for your cat, caused by the poor feeding for your cat, leading to the increase in the PH of its urine, so your vet will describe the suitable food for your cat to avoid this medical problem. Bladder stones may be a medical cause for peeing outside the litter box, making your cat feel uncomfortable, so it will pee outside its litter box. There are some medications to solve these medical problems as Amitriptyline and Clomicalm, but there are cats that can’t use these medications, so your vet will give them a type of Amitriptyline gel that could be placed on the cat’s ear, and if the medications are suitable for your cat, your vet will recommend that your cat will stay on the medication for the rest of its life, while some cats are recommended to take this medication for only 6 months.

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