Take Care Of Maine Coon Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 10 Tips

Maine Coon  are one of the most popular cat breeds in the USA. they are so huge. Their males are weighing up to 18 pounds. They have large paws that help them to walk on the snow.

Maine coon cats are so lovely cats.They have been adored for centuries.They are called dogs of the cat world because they are loyal, playful and prefer to enjoy the water.They are also called the American Longhair.They have some excellent hunting skills.

A brown tabby Maine cat named Cosey was the winner of the first American cat show.

Now, we will handle the tips we must follow to take care of Maine coon cats.

1: keeping your cat physically healthy

Maine Coon cats need a lot of exercise for their health because of its big size. They are also playful. They like playing with any member in the family, so their owner must buy fishing toys and play with them every day.

2: Decide on dry or wet food

Eating the both types; the dry or wet food is suitable for Maine Coon and the other types of cats. But if you want to choose the economical option use dry food. It cannot be spoiled easily, but it did not help the cat to gain more weight. On the other hand, canned food is so expensive, but it is full of protein and carbohydrates that help the cats to gain more weight. In general, if your cat has some health problems, you must ask a vet to choose its suitable food.

3: Stick to a feeding schedule

Maine coon cats like eating too much.A male Maine Coon cat ‘s weight is between 15 and 25 pounds, while a female ‘s weight is between 10 and 15 pounds. If your cats likes eating too much, you should use the feeding schedule. You will give your cat one or two meals every day. If your cat did not like eating, you will use the timed eating by putting the food in an amount of time and remove it.

4: watch for certain health problems

Like all breeds of cats, Maine Coon cats should visit a vet regularly. You should notice the symptoms of any health problem and mentioned them to the vet to treat them quickly. Maine Coon cats are prone to hip dysplasia, which can cause lameness. They are also prone to kidney disease that have some symptoms such as bloody urine, a lack of appetite, and a lack of energy. Talk to your vet about the symptoms of the diseases to decide whether your cat is at risk or not.

5: providing the right environment

Maine Coon cats are exposed to many dangers if they go outdoors such as car accidents. Maine cats are rare species, so it will be stolen if it goes outdoors, so you must keep them indoors for their safety.

6:Brushing your Maine Coon cat carefully

First of all, you must begin brushing when your cat is relaxed. Begins with brushing the cat’s abdomen, legs, then its neck, chin and tail. You must braise your cat for staying calm during the session to make it love brushing as it will be brushed every day.

7: Dealing with knots carefully

You might see knots in your cat’s hair. This is an ordinary thing as its hair is so long. To overcome this problem, you must use talcum powder by putting it on the mat and use your fingers to distribute it on its fur.

8: checking for injuries when grooming

Grooming is considered a good chance to discover unusual injuries in the cat’s coat. While brushing your cat, run your hands through its body to search for unusual injuries. If you found things like them, ask your vet to treat them quickly.

9:Minimizing hair balls

Most long-haired cats have hairballs. It is considered a serious medical problem that requires attention from their owner. To overcome this problem, use food formula to reduce them. your maine cat should drink a plenty of water,but not during eating food to avoid contamination.

10:Having a bath indoors is not a necessity

It is not necessary dry baths, wet wipes are more effective than having a bath.

We can say that owning a Maine coon cat as a pet is so useful because of many reasons. It is so intelligent and can adapt to new situations easily. Their coat is easy to maintain and is various in its colors. One disadvantage of owning a Maine cat is (living with one Maine cat is not enough).

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