For the longest time in history, black cats breeds have been considered as a harbinger of bad luck. However, these dark colored companions have not always been associated with such an unlucky reputation. The truth is, there are a lot of communities and cultures that consider black cats breeds as tokens of good luck.

Today, there are a total of 22 black cats breeds that are being recognized by the CFA or Cat Fancier’s Association. These breeds are known for their solid black coats, proving that owners and breeders alike know the real appeal of these black companions.

American Bobtail This breed of medium-sized cat is best known for its exotic looking features and bobbed tail.

American Curl The hallmark of this particular breed is the ears curling back slightly that come with either long or short hair.

British ShorthairOne of the world’s oldest cat breeds, this muscular cat boasts of a short and plush coat.
black british short hair cat 012

American Wirehair This medium-sized cat’s kinky and wiry coat can come in various array of patterns and colors.
black american wire hair 011

Devon RexThis is a curly coated black cat breed that is best distinguished for its wavy fur together with the wrinkly face that some people playfully compare to Yoda.

American Shorthair Famous for their classic silver tabby pattern, it is a renowned breed featuring a shorthaired coat and medium sized body.

BombaySometimes referred to as a miniature black panther, it is a shorthaired cat breed that comes in a single pattern and color, that is, solid black.
bombay black cat 012

Cornish Rex It is a long and slender cat featuring a short and curly coat and is known for their social and active personality.

Japanese BobtailEven though they are better known for their bold tri-color and bi-color patterns, these unique bobbed tail breeds come in solid colors as well.

ExoticCarrying Persian’s sweet features and a plush and short coat, the breed has earned its nickname lazy man’s Persian.exotic-shorthair-black cat 012
Maine CoonIt is a gentle giant famous for their long and flowing fur and large size.

maniecoonblack cat 012
LaPermThis medium-sized cat features a curly, wavy spring coat that come in both long and short lengths.
laperm black cat

Norwegian Forest Cat Also a large breed, this long fur cat traces back its heritage to Viking-era Scandinavia.
Norwegian Forest black Cat

ManxThe breed is tail-less, featuring a stubby tail and has either long or short hair.
manx black cat

OrientalThe cousin of Siamese, Oriental comes in a plethora of patterns and colors.

oriental black cat
RagaMuffinIt is a longhaired breed that has a very sweet personality that compliments its good looks.
RagaMuffin black cat

Persian Among the most famous breeds, Persian cats have a luxurious and longhaired coat and pansy-like features.


Selkirk Rex These are medium to large cats featuring curly fur in either long or short lengths.
Selkirk Rex black cat

Scottish FoldThis breed either has long or short fur. This is famous for their charming folded ears.
These are just some of the black cats breeds that have captivated the hearts of many owners and breeders all over the world.Scottish Fold-black cat 02