10 Boxer Dog Secrets That You Need To Know

Boxer dog is considered one of the most popular dogs in America, being a loyal companion to humans, being friendly with children, being ready to walk and play with you. Boxer dog needs a lot of daily exercise. If a boxer dog isn’t trained well, he will be aggressive, and you will need a sense of humor to live with boxer dog. Boxer dog is considered a watchdog, being an athletic dog, used for herding, despite being lovely dog, he will be aggressive with the strangers.

Boxer dog is considered a medium-sized dog, even hard muscles, combining strength, agility, elegance and style, weighting about 65:80 pounds, measured as 23:25 inches, according to the males, and weighting about 15 pounds, measured as 21.5-23.5 inches according to the females. There are some facts about boxer dog:
1:German origins

The boxer dog breed lived in Germany in the late 19th century, being a part of the Molosser dog breed, being used as a hunting dog by seizing the prey and holding it until the hunters arrived. In the world war 1, boxer dogs were used in the army as messenger dogs, guard dogs. In 1896, three Germans decided to use a boxer dog as a show dog.

2:Coming to America by soldiers

Boxers became so popular in the United States of America after the soldiers returned from world war 2, being a lovely companion, show dog, and guard dog.

3:Recognized by the AKC

The boxer dog breed was recognized by the American Kennel club in 1904, being an energetic dog that needs plenty of exercise, so his food must contain a lot of calories as animal protein as fish and chicken.

4: socialized as a puppy

Boxers love human companionship from their children, being considered the best dog breed to be companions. Their puppies can get along with other breeds in a rapid time.

5:Active breed

Boxer dog has a strong, powerful body and a lot of energy, being quite active sometimes, but being often a hyperactive dog, so he needs daily exercise. If he is not trained properly, he will damage anything surrounding him and will be aggressive. He must be given an indoor task to use his canine senses.

6:Long puppyhood

This dog breed has the longest puppyhood in the dog world, being fully mature after three years.


If your boxer dog snores, you will be worried, it is normal, Boxer able to breathe through both the nose and mouth. The Much snoring of the boxer dog may refer to a health problem as the facial structure of this breed. When a boxer dog breathes normally, the air enters through the nose and passes from the back of the roof of the mouth then entered the lung.

8:Indoor dog

Although boxer dogs are high-energy, they aren’t considered outdoor dogs, as their fur is too short that aren’t suitable to keep them warm in the cold weather in winter, so he prefers to be indoors.

9:Clown and crazy dog

Boxer dogs are clownish and crazy. having the best personality, being loyal and have a sense of humor, and great family dogs.

10:Tail docking

Docking is the process of having a certain percentage of a boxer dog’s tail removed to make a short tail that stands erect, being done in two stages. The first stage is to remove the blood flow in the tail with a rubber band, then cutting the tail.

The talented boxer dog is considered a gift to German dog owners, being a loyal and intelligent family companion, being full of courage.Although boxer dogs need a lot of exercise, they are indoor breeds because of its short coat, making exercises inside your apartment, having a hard coat that needs grooming with a soft brush The boxer dog is considered a trustworthy pet for an active family.

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