If you have a dog, you should know that is easy to communicate with it, being unique and different and everyone communicates in their way. Scientists have proven the truth of better understanding of our dogs for us than we think they do, and after spending time together, your dog will understand your personal habits down to the last detail, but all dogs and humans are unique in the way they communicate, as they have some basic needs and emotions. If you intend to own a dog, you should understand the basic wishes of your dog. There are 15 things you should know about it:

1-You don’t own your dog
No one can deny that you don’t own your dog anymore than it own you. Although you are the human, your dog can own your affection and your love, so you should prepare yourself to be someone who is a sort of coexists with your dog instead of being the master of the universe.

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2- Your dog misses you so much
When you are out of your home, leaving your dog alone, your dog will become sad, and misses you. It is necessary to go to your work, but it isn’t fair to leave your dog alone all the time, and you shouldn’t bother with your dog if you want to keep it happy and keep you feeling good. If you didn’t care for and love your dog, you shouldn’t own it.

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3-Your dog doesn’t chew things because it hates you
When your dog chew things, Doesn’t mean it hates you or it is mad. But means that your dog becomes bored and need activity to help it to stay out of trouble, not having the desire to make you miserable, as it want you to do something, and you aren’t providing them with proper activity.

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4- Your dog becomes bored very easily
Your dog don’t love the boring routine of the life, having the desire to work, being an active animal, needing to be engaged in doing something fun, so if you don’t provide your dog with enough stimulation to keep it happy, you should have a different type of pet to keep at home.

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5- Your dog is always happy to see you
Your dog will be excited if it sees you after returning from work, so you shouldn’t be in a hurry to spend a few minutes enjoying the time you spend with your dog, so that you can really have a good time with your pet, making it a habit.

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6- You shouldn’t feed your dog just because it is hungry
Sometimes you feel hungry, but this isn’t because you are hungry. It is because you are bored, but you may be don’t need to eat since you have eaten all day long, so you should keep eating knowing that you have had enough for the day. You should know that your dog is similar to you, so it doesn’t need to eat just because it is hungry, as it will be bad for its health, leading to many issues and your dog don’t want to deal with them.

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7- Your dog is always loyal to you
Dogs are considered loyal creatures to their people, making their people healthier and happier, so they are considered lovely creatures, having the ability to protect you, and make you safe. Dogs aren’t worried about anything other than you at all times.

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8- Dogs like Flexibility
Dogs aren’t scheduled that they can’t have a little flexibility, but your dog needs flexibility, so you can take your dog for a walk, visiting a dog park, walking through town. All these things will make your dog happy and very well behaved, as it loves the flexibility that is considered something easy to provide.

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9- Dogs love fun
Dogs love fun very much, thinking that everything is fun, as they are dogs and if you show them attention and love, they will be happy to enjoy you. Fun is considered their middle name, so you should include fun in their everyday lives.

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10- Your dog needs your attention
Dogs need attention from their owners, so you shouldn’t ignore giving your dog love and affection, as they love you and they want you to feel happy and they want to prove their love to you, so let them prove their love to you, returning their love and affection as often as possible.

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11-letting your dog out in the rain or the mud 
loving it as it makes them happy, so You shouldn’t worry about letting your dog out in the rain or the mud or the filth. Loving it as it makes them happy, You may create some sort of mud room or doggie bath, cleaning themselves before returning the house, so the life will be much easier.

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12- You should let your dog play
Dogs are animals that need to have plenty of exercise, so You shouldn’t let your dog become bored, letting it to have fun, making sure that it has a plenty of play time in the yard and at the park, so it will become very happy as you take care of it.

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13- You shouldn’t punish your dog for forgetting things
Dogs aren’t like humans, needing to have reminders, as they don’t remember for a long period of time, so you shouldn’t punish your dog for doing something that it isn’t aware of. For example; if your dog has an accident on the floor, you should make sure that it is aware of what it is happening before punishing it.

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14- Your sound may make your dog happy or scared
The dogs couldn’t understand your speech all the time, but they can understand the tone you use, so you shouldn’t make them scared by your tone. You need to be firm with your dog, but you should choose the suitable tone for doing this, as the careful tone will make your dog feel sad and scared.

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15- Your dog appreciates learning from your body language
Your body language is considered a way of communication with your dog, learning a lot from your body language, so you should be sure not to avoid body language that makes your dog sad and scared, helping your dog to feel more comfortable and less afraid.

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In fact, understanding the basic wishes that help you to become a better dog owner, because you will have a better understanding of where your dog is coming from, and as we know a little understanding will be useful in any relationship.