While there is nothing to worry about a dog in heat, as this is not a disease or a condition that requires treatment, still, it might get a bit annoying to deal with it. The problem can get worse once you found a long line of stray dogs waiting outside your door or getting all the attention when you go out for a walk with your dog.

Below are some interesting facts you might want to know about dogs in heat:

1-The normal cycle for a dog’s heat is around 21 days. Obviously, each dog is different although the normal one will first go into heat at around 6 months old. It is common for some dogs to start their first heat cycle much earlier than this while others might start to go into heat for the first time much later than 6 months old.
2-It is impossible to answer if a dog in heat will get pregnant since this is pretty much relative. There are actually several factors which can determine if your dog will get pregnant or not. Although it is true that dogs only get pregnant while in heat, there is no certainty that they will conceive. There are around 10 days when female dogs are at their highest progesterone.

3-Cleaning your dog often is going to keep your dog’s living quarters less messy. At the same time, it also minimizes the smell which can attract the male dogs. It could also help to give her a bath two times daily. You can also put on diaper afterwards to help prevent messes.
4-When taking a walk outdoors, you can put menthol on the tip of your dog’s tail. It will help mask the scent. This is also a handy technique if there are male dogs nearby so that they don’t detect that your female dog is in heat even from a distance. But, if they come closer, the method might no longer that well. You can also find commercial products in pet stores that can mask the scent.

5-When dogs are in heat, changes are not just physical by mental at the same time. If you like to ensure that your dog will feel comfortable when in heat, you should give her more attention that the usual. Talking to her, brushing, going for a walk and playing are only a few good examples. Allot some extra time for your dog when it is in heat and it will surely make her feel calmer and more confident.
6-Most female dogs tend to lose their appetite when they are in heat. You can help urge her to eat by giving additional treats, or meat baby food with no onion or garlic. If your dog is suffering from diarrhea during her heat, you can also feed boiled hamburger with fat drained off and plenty of rice.

7-Every dog reacts differently to heat. There are others that feel tired the whole day while others get restless. It is important to observe the behavior of your dog and pick the right amount of exercise and rest to keep her comfortable.