The Top 10 dog Breeds To Stop Thinking About Best Police Dog

No one can deny that dogs are the most loyal animals to human beings. Dogs are considered pet animals to the average person, but according to the police force, there are police dogs that are trained from birth to play their part in the police force. There are many things that the police dogs can do as; public order enforcement, survivor searching, and tracking. In many cases, we can use one police dog to perform all these tasks. on the other hand, we can one dog to perform one task.

There are over 100 breeds of dogs in the world. here we will talk about the best 10 police dog breeds that are highly qualified to be on the police force.
1:German Shepherd

The German shepherd is considered the boss of the police dogs. It has its roots in Germany, where it trained from being young.It is used for searching and rescuing the survivors in 9/11 attacks on the world trade center. It is considered the smartest police dog. it can follow instructions better than humans. It is so loyal and is ready to lose its life for the call of duty, so it is one of the best police dog breeds

2: Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is considered the most aggressive police dog breeds.despite not being the biggest police dog, we can consider it the bravest police dog.Its bite can snap your finger off. It has sharp teeth that can make a cat or a mouse a prey to it.

3: Belgian Tervueren

BelgianTervueren is not considered your average dog breed. its name is deprived of the word (terror). it is not so dangerous as it appears. Belgian Tervueren has the appearance of wolves. it has wolf characters to defend for their human beings. it is also used in drug detection, bomb sniffing, hunting, and being a loyal companion

4:Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is considered one of the most common breeds in the USA. however, it is so thin, it is so fast. it can catch and chase criminals as it can run at very fast speed, so it helps police officers in catching criminals.
5:Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer has a large appearance that makes police force train them. It is so big and so tall.
It is so loyal to human beings. it proved to be trustworthy in its duty to conduct trained abilities without going astray.

6: Dutch shepherd

It is considered a brand type of German shepherd. it is among the best police dog breeds for many reasons. first, It lives between 13-15 years. the Dutch shepherd can last a decade longer in the police force, so they don’t worry about replacing their dogs every year.

7: Labrador Retriever

 It is one of the cutest female dogs in the world. it is so lovely, and friendly. the police force considered it their eyes and ears. it has a strong sense of smelling, so the police force trained it well to develop this ability.

8: Boxer dog

Boxer dog is considered a fighter dog. there are two types of Boxer dogs in the police force which are the Schutzhund Boxer and the Deutscher Boxer. They can jump for far distances, so the police force considered it Gymnastics types and trained their ability of high jump.

9: Bloodhound

Bloodhound dog is distinguished with its large hung ears that makes it so different in appearance. its face is like the teddy bear. the Bloodhound is considered a way of hunting for the police force. it can hunt deer and wild boars, so its name (Bloodhound) is an appropriate name for it, despite its face that seems to be so kind.

10: German short- haired pointer

German short-haired pointer is a very short dog as its name suggests. It has existed in the world since is so active and friendly. the German short-haired pointer ranks 10 on the list of police dog breeds.

At the end, I think  that dogs are so wonderful animals.they can do many tasks to help the police force to perform their duties. they are so loyal to their humans and proved their efficiency in helping the police force to catch the criminals.

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