It is a serious, dignified dog with lion-like ruff as well as scowling expression, yet it’s actually an introvert. Chow Chow dogs should be accustomed to people at their early age so their territorial instincts are discriminatory.


Usually easy to housebreak and clean, mannerly and quiet in the home, Chow Chow dogs are the best companion if you can quickly establish a relationship of mutual respect like admiring strong-willed independent character while enforcing household rules consistently so that he respects you.

With the stilted gait and bulky build of Chow Chow dogs, they aren’t built for strenuous jogging. They do well with daily walks. But, Smooth-coated Chow are often more active compared to the rough-coated ones.

Even if they mind their own business unless provoked, most of them can be aggressive with some dogs of the same sex. Others have strong hunting instincts and may be predatory with tiny dogs and cats. Obedience training won’t work if you will use jerking methods, this will either retaliate or shut down. Chow Chow dogs can’t also be forced to do something. Methods, which emphasize foods are more very productive.


Animal Aggression
With the hunting and fighting background of Chow Chow dogs, they are often aggressive or dominant toward some dogs, particularly those of the same sex. A lot of them have strong instincts to seize or chase cats and some fleeing creatures.

Aggressive and Antisocial Behavior
A lot of Chow Chow dogs have protective instincts toward some strangers. They require extensive exposure to friendly people so they learn how to recognize the normal behaviors of the good guys. After that, they can recognize the difference once someone abnormally acts. Without proper socialization, they can be antisocial with everybody.

Strong Temperament
Chow Chow dogs are not like golden retrievers. They may seem cute, yet they have independent minds of their own and aren’t pushovers to train. Most Chow Chow dogs are obstinate, willful, and dominant.

Health Problems
From eye problems to hip problems to allergy and skin problems, Chow Chow dogs are risky when it comes to health.

Chow Chow dogs come in smooth coat and a rough coat. The smooth coat often requires regular brushing to keep the shedding hair under control. Rough coat, on contrary, requires frequent brushing to control both matting and shedding. If you cannot commit to grooming, a rough Chow Chow dogs are definitely not a dog breed for you.

Heavy Shedding
Chow Chow dogs shed a lot. You will find fur and hair all over your furniture, clothing, carpeting, countertops or upholstery. Frequent vacuuming is important to avoid dealing with excessive shedding.

Defensive Reactions
You should be careful when putting your hands on a Chow Chow whenever you are correcting him or her.

If you want to own a Chow Chow dog in the near future, it would be best to conduct your own research. With this, you can guarantee that you will understand more about Chow Chow dog’s personality or characteristics.