Grooming a dog for the first time can be hectic because you may not have a way of handling the dog, and furthermore, you are not sure how to react to its sensitivity. However, this does not mean that an individual should spend money on chores that could happen right at home. We all need to embrace the fact that the dog is yours; at least learn on handling it without external help. For dogs with thick coats, they require regular trimming. Thick skins are known to harbor pests. Clipping a dog at home is the best activity on the dog. All you need is a dog grooming set from an authentic shop.

Clipping scissors and their functions

You need a good pair of grooming scissors. Ordinary scissors will not give the same results since it makes the dogs uncomfortable.  You need four types of scissors.

  • Straight scissors are for the general cutting of the hair.
  • The second one is the curved scissors to round off hairs.
  • The third one is the thinning shear that deals with areas that dimmed hard for the straight scissors.
  • The fourth is the rounded shears that trim delicate places that require extra care. The face is an example of such a situation.

Can You Clip Your Dog's Hair at Home? dog Clipping scissors | Dogs

Precautions to take during and after clipping

Grooming station is a crucial requirement when cutting the hair. Dog’s hair is very light. Once the cutting process begins, hairs will blow in every direction. Who needs hairs lying all over their furniture or bathroom? Before you handle the scissors, place a mat on the floor and lay the dog there. In case the dog is small, you could place the mat on a table to have a good shaving position. After cutting the hair, pick up the whole mat and dispose of the hairs outside; far away from people’s inhabitants. Having a second party to pass you the shaving items makes the work easier. However, one can still do it alone provided the items are placed at an arm’s reach.

 1 Always use sharp and oily scissors

We have all used flat cutting pieces; either a knife or a blade. The process is very exhausting since one uses a lot of energy only to get bad results. Using dull scissors to cut a dog’s hair is a stressful and painful process because the scissors will yank the hairs off the coat. New scissors should always be sharp. In case they are blunt or used for some time, sharpening them could ease the process. Applying scissor’s oil on the blades makes the whole process easier.

Can You Clip Your Dog's Hair at Home? grooming dogs hair.. 1 | Dogs

Can You Clip Your Dog's Hair at Home? grooming dogs hair | Dogs

 2 Cut the hair starting from the front to the back

For a start, take the straight shears. Cut the hair from the neck area to the back. However, don’t cut the hair on the tail yet. Once you have shaved the hairs around the belly and the legs, you need to change the scissors. The curved scissors shape the hairs on the side to ensure that it looks natural. Straight scissors leave the hair looking all rugged.

Can You Clip Your Dog's Hair at Home? clip your dogs hair | Dogs

Can You Clip Your Dog's Hair at Home? grooming dogs hair 1 | Dogs

3 The clipping process should always be slow and careful

Never begin cutting unless you are done with all the other house chores because speed may injure the dog, especially one that requires pampering to settle down. Taking the process slow gives one an opportunity to make the right cuts. Haste may cause rugged cutting; a poorly shaved dog will never look appealing the in the eyes of the owner and strangers.

Can You Clip Your Dog's Hair at Home? How To Groom A Dog With Clippers | Dogs

Can You Clip Your Dog's Hair at Home? dog grooming | Dogs

4 Always leave the most sensitive areas as the last to handle

The face, ears, and tail require ample time due to varying shapes. This will be easier especially after cutting the bulky hairs from the other body parts to pave the way for these sensitive parts. Once in a while, the dog may get uncooperative. Leaving its sensitive parts unshaved could be some style; hence the process will still have taken place.

Can You Clip Your Dog's Hair at Home? dog clippers | Dogs

Can You Clip Your Dog's Hair at Home? grooming dogs hair. | Dogs


In case one does not have special scissors to cut the hair to the preferred length, always improvise. You could use the finger to measure the preferred hair length. In the end, the dog requires a good shave that can be provided at home. Visiting a professional for shaves should never be a priority unless you need a professional style.