The ability to walk is one of the numerous things that set human beings apart from the animal kingdom, yet in terms of evolution, some dogs are not as far behind humans as most of you have thought. Below are some of the popular dogs walking on their two legs like a human being:

Dogs Wearing Pants Walks Down Stairs
Pets might not enjoy being dressed up as much as you like to see them that way, yet this dog does a silly and funny handstand as he walks down the stairs while wearing a festive Santa pants.

Awesome Dog Performs Handstand While He Is Marking His Territory
Several dogs lift 1 leg to mark their territory. This dog was became known after deciding to raise the bar with his hind leg, allowing him to do a funny dog handstand while providing himself a relief.

Acrobatic Dog Does an Amazing Balancing Act
Standing up with his own paws is a great way to feat for majority of dogs, yet this talented pooch took a bipedal balancing to a whole new level. This exceptional dog must take a tightrope act to a travelling circus.

Talented Circus Puppies in a Doggy Conga Line
If you have been to a circus, you have probably seen several puppies performing in a doggy Conga line with just their two paws.

2-Legged Pooch Walks Upright Like a Real Person
Several animals walk through their hind legs for the reason that it is enjoyable. Yet, this dog does it out of necessity because of the poor thing that she’s missing her front legs. However, this does not make her less loveable, but it turned out that she is really talented and adorable.

Faith as Bipedal Wonder Dog

faith 055
Faith was actually found when she was still puppy. She has badly damaged front paws, which also lead to amputate them, according to a veterinarian. A lot of vets thought that Faith would’ve been put down. However, with her strong will to live and through training, she managed to walk upright, making her like a person.

Animals, especially dogs, continue to amaze people with their talents and abilities. Walking with two paws may be impossible for some, yet those dogs have shown that they have what it takes to walk like a person and can also behave as a human being as well. If you have a dog and want him to be famous like those abovementioned, you can always try training him. All you have to do is to dedicate some of your time training your dog. However, if you don’t have much time and willing to pay just to train your dog to walk like a person, there are some professionals you can hire to assist you. But, be patient as training your dog how to walk upright can’t be done overnight and often takes months or weeks depending on how committed and dedicated your dog is.