Your dog is considered a faithful and lovely creature, so you should keep it happy and train it properly to keep it healthy, making sure you are providing it with the right foods. Raw food diets are suitable for dogs. It is very important to take your pet to the vet regularly from its childhood to make it get used to being checked by the vet. Owning a dog is considered a big responsibility, from training to feeding to keeping it stress-free, so you should avoid making your dog confused or stressed. There are 10 things you should avoid doing with your dog, as they make it stressed and confusing:

1-Punishing your puppy for behaving like a dog
Your dog is considered a creature of opportunity, and if you gave it opportunities to misbehave by leaving some items within its reach as leaving food or scraps beside it, so he can smell it and reach to it, so if you want to leave your dog alone, you should make sure that you provide it with the opportunities that it can succeed at.

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2: Telling your dog ” NO” for its bad behavior many times
If your dog did something wrong, you should tell it “No” many times, as it will make it stop its bad behavior temporarily, so you should learn what it should do to modify its bad behavior. This will make your dog do the right behavior quickly.

Top 10 Human Behaviors That Stress Dogs Out Telling your dog NO for its bad behavior 101 | Behaviour & Training

3- Giving your puppy different verbal commands for a single behavior
Some dog owners create stress in their dogs because they want them to do something, assuming that their dogs know English, but they don’t know what they mean by the words they said, so you should train your dog to respond to simple commands, using smile words to communicate with them as: (sit, stay, come, down, pee, poop, etc.).

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4-Telling your dog ” IT IS OKAY”
Many dog owners tell their dogs” it’s okay” when there something not okay is about to happen to comfort it. This makes your dog think opposite. For example, when you are taking your dog to the groomer that is considered a place he didn’t like, so it starts to whine when the grooming shop appears, so you will tell it” it’s okay”, but these words will stress it, as it means that something wrong will happen, so you should instead of saying these words, you should learn it to relax and cope with these situations that cause anxiety in your dog.

Top 10 Human Behaviors That Stress Dogs Out human behaviors that stress dogs out 101 | Behaviour & Training

5- Pulling your dog’s leash
If your dog is trained to walk on a leash, you shouldn’t do a lot of pulling, but you should learn your pet leash manners. You should know that your dog will stop and sniff as possible, and you should pull towards an interesting thing for your dog. You should give your dog a lot of time to smell its outdoor territory without yanking it towards your destination.

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6-Holding your dog while hugging and kissing it
Your puppies can be confused by human expressions of affection as hugging and kissing, leading to increasing their stress level. It is better to stick to your puppy and petting it, being hugged or kissed when it needs that.

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7- Staring at your dog confused it
According to people, they become confused by someone who stared at them, and dogs also became confused if you stared at them, as it will cause stress to your dog.

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8- Pointing and sharing your finger at your dog
Pointing your finger at your dog may be a confused thing to your dog, especially when you are speaking in a tone of voice that means your anger, so this will lead to making your dog confused, uncomfortable, stressed and worried.

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9- Telling your pet to get down when it jumps up
If you use the expression” down” to command your dog to lie down after sitting, it will be unuseful in many situations as jumping up on you or someone else or a piece of furniture, so you should train your dog to stop jumping up by using the expression” off”. By doing this training, you will save the time you spent in making your dog understand your command, and you will save yourself and your guests from a friendly mauling.

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10-Waking your puppy up
Being shaken or shouted awake is stressful for all of us. Waking your puppy up is considered a confused thing for your dog, so you should avoid to awaken your dog, unless there is a strong reason that obliges you to awaken it.

Top 10 Human Behaviors That Stress Dogs Out Waking your puppy up 01 | Behaviour & Training

Our dogs can be stressed by many factors in their lives that lead to many health problems to our dogs, being left alone at home may be stressful for our dogs as they are considered social creatures. This stress release adrenaline. The frequent presence of high amounts of adrenaline may cause health problems. You should know that balance is important to make your dog happy and healthy, so too much or too little exercise is harmful for your pet, and you should avoid putting your dog into situations that made it confusing, uncomfortable or stressed. You should help your dog remain stress-free, leading to greater health, relaxation and more enjoyable for you and your lovely pet. The first step to calm your dog begins with determining what is causing stress to your dog, and trying to remove it. You should also consult your vet who can determine the roots of this stress and assist in relieving it by suggesting anti- anxiety or anti-depression medications that are used in human medicine. You should support your dog through this time to help it overcomes its anxiety symptoms.