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Making Money By Dog Breeding

Dogs are considered the man’s best friend, being kept at homes for many reasons. Most people own dogs as pets, while the others own dogs for security purposes. Regardless the type of your dog that you want to breed, there is a market for it. Most of dog breeders who are existed in shops and wholesale shopsare dealing with many dog breeds. If you choose to breed guard dogs, such as German shepherds, Rottweilers and Dobermans. We need dogs, especially after the increasing rate of the crime.

Most dog breeders who seek for gaining money from dog breeding became depressed, so you should deal with dog breeding for bringing new creatures for our world. Another positive fact about this business is that you can be engaged in the international market through putting your business on the internet, exporting your dog breed to the countries of your customers. You will expose the lives of your dogs for danger, if you aren’t able to take care of them. New dog breeders who are not experienced in dog breeding are exposed to financial and physical losses.

You should consider some points to become an experienced dog breeder, becoming involved with dog clubs, studying the breed standard, attending dog events, seeking assistance from respected peers, besides evaluating the good and bad points of your dogs. The responsible dog breeders seek to improve their dog breeds, paying a lot of money to achieve this goal. The dog breeds must achieve the rules of the national register, being trained well. The dog breed must be evaluated by a special dog breeder to produce excellent breeds, needing a lot of money to carry out this task properly.

There are recommended tests for every dog breed, so you are responsible to discover the diseases that may occur to your dog breed. You should also keep in contact with the vets to make sure that your dogs receive the suitable care. There is no market boundary for dogs, so you can do this business from your home. There are some steps to start your dog breeding business from home

1-You should prepare yourself for dog breeding

You should at first prepare yourself for dog breeding. If you don’t love dogs, you won’t be faced by challenge, but if you love your dog very much, you will find it difficult to sell your dog, because of the strong relationship between you and your dog.

2-Select the suitable type for you to breed

No one can deny that dogs have a lot of types, roles, duties and significance to humans. You can choose the dog breed that is considered very suitable to you, choosing pet dogs or security dogs, but you should know that pet dogs is trained in a way that differs from the way of training the security dogs, so you should choose the dog  breed that is considered suitable for your environment and market demand.

3- Know the requirements to start a dog breeding business

You should make sure that if there are some restrictions, and laws that prevent dog breeding in your region or environment. After making sure that dog breeding is not forbidden in your region, you should consult your neighbors to live peacefully with them. It is very important to avoid getting sued by your neighbors.

4- Study the whole information about the different dog breeds

To be a successful dog breeder, you should study the whole information about the different dog breeds, their history, and their characteristics. You should also be aware of the different breeding techniques of dogs, mating and their proper health care. After knowing all these information about dog breeds, you should decide the suitable breed that you will concentrate on.

5-You should know everything about the breed you have chosen to breed

After choosing the suitable dog breed for you, you should study the market for that chosen breed, its price, its importance comparing to the other breeds, its resistance to the diseases and climate conditions in your area and being sourced locally or being imported. If you know all these information about the chosen dog breed, you will be willing to dog breeding.

6-You should prepare your finances before dog breeding

You should prepare your finances before dog breeding, having enough money for buying dogs, for veterinary care, and for the dog food. This is what you should do if you plan for a dog breeding business. You may estimate the income that may come from breeding dogs, selling one or two puppies with a rare color, so you will recover your expenses of buying and taking care of the dog breed, but this income will differ according to the dog breed. If your dog has a record of successful mating, it will be wanted from many dog owners, so you will earn a lot of money by selling it.

7-You should make sure that there is a space in your house for your dogs

You should be able to create a space in your house for your dogs, having two dogs at least at the beginning, and then you may have more dogs, making plans, because your dogs will grow inside groups.

8-You should prepare a comfortable place for your dogs

If you intend for dog breeding, you should prepare comfortable places for your dogs. This place must be more comfortable than the emptiness. If you succeed in providing your dogs with comfortable place, you can be a successful dog breeder.

9-You may buy your dogs

You can buy your dogs, if you haven’t any dogs before.

10-  You must register your business legally in the veterinary records of dogs

If you are considered a beginner in commercial business that is related to dog breeding, you can do it easily for your own  account, but when your business begins to grow and increase, it must be registered legally, having another document in the veterinary records of dogs. It is very important to have a document that contains the details of your dogs. If you haven’t this document, you will sell your dogs with cheap prices.

11- You should make bond relationships with the veterinarians

If you are considered a beginner in dog breeding, you should make bond relationships with the vets, because your good relationships with the vets will enable you to obtain free good advice around breeding and caring your dogs.

12-You should prepare yourself for dog breeding psychologically, emotionally and financially

It is very important to prepare yourself psychologically, emotionally and financially before intending for dog breeding. Dog breeding may seem very easy according to some people, but some people may be depressed if they lost their dog in an accident or sickness, so you should prepare yourself emotionally for dog breeding. You should prepare yourself financially for dog breeding, making sure that you have the enough money for dog breeding.

13- Make network with dog breeders in your society

You should contact with dog breeders in your society, being a creative way to help you to make business with these dog breeders in your community, requiring the moral support from them.

Proper dog breeding requires time, money, education and experience. Dogs shouldn’t be bred unless there is a good reason, because of the increasing number of new puppies will lead to the problem of overpopulation.You should know that the suitable veterinary care will cost you much money. Dog breeding is more than a hobby, but it is considered a business to gain profits, so dog breeders must have time, money, and a lot of energy to invest. In spite of this fact, there are a lot of dog breeders who are breeding dogs for fun and because of their love of it.

If you are interested in doing any dog related business, the dog kennel may making business, requiring low startup capital. Making sure that you will pay bills and you have enough money to spare. You should give your business a name. Make sure that the name you choose for your business wasn’t used before.

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