Majority of big, yet gentle breed or mixed dog breed can be considered as nanny dogs if they possess the right mixture of strength, intelligence, and affection. Commonly, breeds associated with nanny dogs come from AKC working dog, herding dog, and gun dog groups.

One of the characteristics about nanny dog breeds is that they’re gentle protectors of human family and some animals. Nanny dog breeds don’t exhibit aggression or prey drive. They’re also nurturers. The famous nanny dog breeds are:



Collies are an ultimate nanny dog. They existed since 1500s and were developed as herding dogs in their native Scotland Collies surged in fame during 1860s when Queen Victoria visited Scottish Highlands as well as fell in love with the breed from the point on collies remained fashionable and popular pets globally.

Saint Bernard


Saint Bernard is known as an ancient breed and developed from local native Swiss dogs that are combined with big Molosser or mastiff kind dogs brought to Switzerland by the Romans. It was also well-established by 1050 AD and used to guard, herd, and draft work.



It’s actually the archetype nanny dog. As a matter of fact, Newfoundland was the origin of the nanny dog concept.



This dog breed possesses each characteristic and point of dogs that hunt together through scent. Bloodhounds are extremely powerful and stands over the ground compared to the usual. The skin of Bloodhound is also thin to the touch and loose, which is noticeable about the neck and head where it hangs in deep folds.

Old English Sheepdog


A compact, strong, square, balanced dog. Taking this dog all around, it’s profusely, yet not excessively coated compared to other dogs. Their qualities combined with their agility, fit them for any demanding task required of the drover’s or shepherd’s dog. Thus, the soundness is one of the most important. His bark is loud with distinctive pot casse ring in it.

Golden Retriever


An active, powerful, and symmetric dog, Golden retrievers aren’t clumsy and display a kind expression and possess a personality that’s alert, eager, and self-confident. Basically one of the hunting dogs, Golden Retrievers show hard working condition.

Bernese Mountain Dogs


They originated in the country of Switzerland and named for Canton of Bern. Berners were originally used for general purpose. Their sturdy, big frames, and confident, calm temperaments made them perfect for pulling carts to the market, watching the farm, driving dairy cattle, and acting as the companions to the farmers. The farm dogs like Bermese require a moderate amount of exercise and consistent obedience training. As double-coated breeds, they also shed and regular brushing is important. Their easy going, gentle manner, and the need to close their people make these a good fit for the families.

Those nanny dog breeds are best for families and anyone who likes big and gentle dogs who can help do some activities. If you are looking for a nanny dog, make sure to get only from a reliable breeder around your area.