Pointing dog breeds are a kind of gundog normally used in finding games. Traditionally, gundogs are divided into 3 classes and these include flushing dogs, retrievers, and pointing breeds. The term pointer comes from the instinct to point of the dog, through aiming and stopping its muzzle towards game. This demonstrates to the location of the hunter’s quarry and enables them to move into the gun range. The pointers were bred selectively from the dogs that have abundant backing and pointing instinct. Typically, they start to acquire hunting instincts at about two months of age.

Gordon Setter

It’s a big dog breed, a member of setter family that also includes both English Setter and Irish Setter. The Setter breeds are classified as the members of either the Gundog or Sporting Group depending on the council or national kennel club. The main purpose of this dog breed was basically to hunt the gamebirds.

Irish Setter

If the Pointers are an ideal dog for hunting quails in the south, Irish Setters are perfect for fall turkey hunting.


The thin coat of Pointers disqualifies them a bit from effective huge game hunting in snowy north, yet in Southern United States, where the temperatures stay hot, Pointers are the most ideal companion to look and bag birds in the wide field.

American Foxhound


Such dogs were bred with the main purpose of hunting some foxes and still much up to that task. Deer hunters also have adopted their running skills during fall deer season, yet American Foxhound are a good hunting dog breed because they’ll often chase down anything you want to tell them.

Labrador Retriever

Majority of the retriever breeds make good hunting dogs and Labrador are just the ultimate hunting dog. With lots of energy, cold weather coat meant for a long day outdoors, and their willingness to go to lengths to retrieve your kill, Labrador Retrievers are the best for duck hunting, yet can help anyone out with any kind of small game.



If you have a raccoon problem, their sharp-nosed hunters will root out their namesake pests and will help you get them for good. If you’re searching for a hunting dog that’ll go with you through every terrain type and condition, Coonhound is a dog breed that you should bring around.


Their name makes them sound like the ruthless hunters. Bloodhounds met that expectation with their strong nose as well as unparalleled tracking abilities, which make them good hunting dogs.


Elegant and unique looking with long legs that can make them look a bit awkward at first glance, Weimaraner dogs are known for being calm and fast, which are ideal for hunting quails, pheasants, and some birds.


It is seen as the most popular hunting dog and also much like American Foxhound when it comes to their love, persistence, and energy to chance. Their short legs handicap it somewhat in pursuit of huge game, yet if you’re hunting varmint like the rabbits, Beagle is the kind of dog you should have.